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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, the two kings at this assemblie con|cluded a league togither, and whereas certeine lands were in controuersie betwixt them, as the fée of Cha|teau, Raoul, and other small fees, if they could not a|gree among themselues concerning the same, either of them was contented to commit the order thereof, and of all other controuersies betwixt them vnto six bishops, to be chosen indifferentlie betwixt them, the one to choose three, and the other thrée.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Matth. Paris. Tailbourg woone.In this yeare, or (as the annales of Aquitaine say) in the yeare last passed, Richard earle of Poictou sub|dued the strong fortresse of Tailbourg, which was iudged before that time inexpugnable: but earle Ri|chard oppressed them that kept it so sore with streight siege, that first in a desperate mood they issued foorth, and assailed his people verie valiantlie, but yet ne|uerthelesse they were beaten backe, and forced to re|tire into their fortresse, which finallie they surren|dred into the hands of earle Richard, who caused the wals thereof to be raced. The like fortune chanced to diuers other castels and fortresses that stood in rebel|lion against him within a moneth space.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Tailbourg belonged vnto one Geffrey de Ran|cin, who of a proud and loftie stomach practising rebel|lion against duke Richard, tooke this enterprise in hand, Matth. Paris. and when he had atchiued the same to his owne contentation, he passed ouer into England, and was receiued with great triumph, pompe & magnificence.

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