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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, king Henrie, to auoid further slander, Anno Reg. 23. Polydor. Geffrey the kings base sonne made bishop of Lincolne. placed for bishop in the see of Lincolne a bastard son which he had named Geffrey, after h [...] had kept that bishoprike in his hands so long till he had almost cleerelie destroied it. And his sonne that was now made bishop to helpe the matter for his part, made hauocke in wasting and spending in riotous man|ner the goods of that church, and in the end forsooke his miter, and left the sée againe in the kings hands to make his best of it.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Furthermore, the king in times past made a vow to build a new monasterie in satisfaction of his of|fenses committed against Thomas the archbishop of Canturburie: wherefore he required of the bishops and other spirituall fathers, to haue some place by them assigned, where he might begin that foundati|on. But whilest they should haue taken aduise here|in, he secretlie practised with the cardinals, and with diuerse other bishops, that he might remoue the se|cular canons out of the colledge at Waltham, and place therein regular canons, so to saue monie in his EEBO page image 100 cof [...]rs, planting in another mans vineyard. How|beit, bicause it should not be thought he did this of such a couetous meaning, he promised to giue great possessions to that house,Préests dis|placed, & ca| [...]ns regular put in their r [...]omes. which he after but slender|lie performed, though vpon licence obteined at the bishops hands, he displaced the preests, and brought in to their roomes the canons as it were by waie of exchange.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 R. Houed. Nunnes of Amesburie.The same yeare also he thrust the nunnes of A|mesburie out of their house, bicause of their inconti|nent liuing, in abusing their bodies greatlie to their reproch, and bestowed them in other monasteries to be kept in more streightlie. And their house was committed vnto the abbesse and couent of Founte|uered, who sent ouer certeine of their number to fur|nish the house of Amesburie, wherein they were pla|ced by the archbishop of Canturburie, in the presence of the king and a great number of others.

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