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Compare 1577 edition: 1 3 The Peter pence also that Adrian reserued in his buls, sent to the king touching the same matter in the beginning of his reigne (with diuerse other things) were in like maner appointed to be paid, so that nothing was omitted that might pleasure the pope, or recouer his gratious fauour alreadie lost in the matters of Thomas Becket, whereof you haue alreadie heard. Thus you heare what successe our ambassadours had in this voiage. ¶ Now will I tell you (yer I procéed any further) what strange things did happen in England whilest the king was thus oc|cupied in Ireland, and within the compasse of that yeare, Anno Reg. 18. Matth. Paris. Matth. West. A sore tempest and first of all, in the night before Christmas day last passed, there chanced such a tempest of light|ning and thunder, that the like had not bin heard of, which tempest was not onelie generallie throughout all England, but also in other forreine parts néere adioining, namelie in Ireland, where it continued all that night, and Christmas daie following, to so great terror of the people, that they looked for present death.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The same night at Andeuer in Hamshire, a préest being in his praiers before the altar, was striken with the tempest, so that he died ye [...] it was nine of the clocke in the morning. Also, a temporall man that was there the same time, was burned with the light|ning,Lightning. and whereas his brother being present, ran to him to haue succoured him, he likewise was caught with the fire, and in like maner consumed. Polydor. In Ire|land also, euill diet in eating of fresh flesh and drin|king of water, contrarie to the custome of the En|glishmen, brought the flix and other diseases in the kings armie, so that manie died thereof, for

Gra [...]issimum est imperium consuetudinis.Pub. [...].
Wherfore, about the beginning of Lent, the king re|moued from Dublin, & went vnto the citie of Wer|ford, where he remained till toward Easter, and then prepared to returne into England: but before he tooke the sea, he gaue and by his charter confirmed to Hugh Lacie, all the lands of Meeth, with the appurte|nances,The kings gift vnto Hugh Lacie. to hold of him & his heires in fee by knights seruice, as to find him an hundred knights or men of armes (as we may terme them) for euermore. He gaue also vnto the same Hugh, the kéeping of the ci|tie of Dublin, and made him chéefe iusticer of Ire|land. Unto Robert Fitz Bernard he committed the cities of Waterford, and Wesseford, that he should kéepe the same to his vse, and build in them castels, for a more sure defense against the enimies.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thus when the king had planted garisons of soul|diers in those & other places also where was thought néedfull; and further had giuen order for the politike gouernement of the whole countrie, so far as he had conquered; he first sent ouer his houshold seruants, which tooke the water on Easter daie, and landed at Milleford, but he himselfe and other of the Nobles staid there all that daie, by reason of the high solem|nitie of that feast: howbeit the daie next after they tooke the sea togither, and landed néere to S. Dauids in south Wales,The king r [...]|turneth into England. from whence (without delaie) he ha|sted foorth to Douer, and hauing his sonne the yoong king with him, he sailed ouer into Normandie in the crosse weeke to meet the popes legats, Ger. Dor. The popes legats. whom he vn|derstood to be alreadie come thither. At his méeting with them there, he gaue them verie good counte|nance, and right honorable enterteinment, omit|ting nothing that might doo them pleasure.

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