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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This Becket was borne in London, his father hight Gilbert, but his mother was a Syrian borne, and by religion a Saracen: howbeit (no regard had of his parents) he grew so highlie in fauour with the king,The authori|tie of Becket. Anno Reg 6. and might doo so much in England, that he see|med to reigne as if he had beene associat with him al|so in the kingdome, and being Lord chancellor, the king sent him ouer into England (Richard Lucie be|ing in his companie) with sundrie letters in his fa|uour, thereby to procure his election to that sée: which was brought to passe according to the kings desire at Westminster. Afterward he was ordeined at Canturburie on saturdaie in Whitsunwéeke,He is conse|crated archb. Wil. Paru. by Henrie bishop of Winchester (although there be that write how Walter bishop of Rochester did conse|crate him) which consecration was in the 44. yeare of his age, Quadrilogium ex vita eiusdem Th [...]ae. and in the fift yere after his first aduance|ment to the office of Lord chancellor, so that he was the eight and thirtith archbishop which gouerned in that see.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Toward the end of the same yeare, Henrie the kings sonne receiued homage of the barons, first in Normandie, and after in England. In the yeare en|suing,The archbish. a better cour|tier than a preacher. the king his father committed him to archbi|shop Becket, that he might sée him brought vp and trained in maners and courtlie behauiour, as apper|teined to his estate: wherevpon the archbishop in iest called him his sonne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The quéene brought to bed of a daughter. An enteruew.This yeare Quéene Elianor was brought to bed at Rohan of a daughter named Elianor.

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