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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now the king, hearing that his armie was dis|comfited, came to his men, and shewing himselfe to them with open visage, greatlie reuiued the whole multitude, and then procéeding against the enimies, his people were afterwards more warie in looking to themselues, insomuch that at length (when the K. prepared to inuade the Welshmen both by water & land) they sought to him for peace,

The Welsh|men submit themselues. The castell of Rutland and Basingwerke built.

Matth. Paris. Anno Reg. 4. Thomas Becket lord Chancelor.

and wholie submit|ted themselues vnto his grace and mercie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time, king Henrie builded the ca|stell of Rutland, the castell of Basingwerke, and one house also of Templers. In the moneth of Septem|ber also this yeare, the kings third sonne was borne at Oxenford, & named Richard. This yeare was Tho|mas Becket preferred to be the kings Chancellor. The king holding his Christmas at Worcester in great royaltie, sat in the church at seruice, with his crowne on his head, Matth. Paris. The king lai|eth his crown on the altar. Coine altered. as the kings vsed in those daies to doo on solemne feasts: but as soone as masse was ended, he tooke his crowne from his head, and set it downe vpon the altar in signe of humblenes, so that he neuer after passed for the wearing of a crowne. The same yeare also the king altered his coine, abro|gating certeine peeces called basels.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the moneth of August he went ouer into Nor|mandie, and came to an enteruiew with the French king neere to the riuer of Eata, where they intreated of a league, and of a marriage, which was after a|gréed vpon,Additions to Iohn Pike. The lord chancellor Becket sent into France. Matth. West. betwixt Henrie the sonne of king Hen|rie; and the ladie Margaret, daughter to the French king: at which time Thomas Becket (then being the kings chancellor) was sent to Paris in great araie to fetch hir: who among other furnitures had nine long charrets (as Matthew Paris writeth.) Now when this ladie was deliuered to Thomas Becket the lord chancellor, and brought from Paris, she was appointed from thencefoorth to remaine in the house of Robert de Newburge, a Noble man of great ho|nor, vntill such time as the mariage should be solem|nized.

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