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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About this time Theodorike earle of Flanders (going with his wife vnto Ierusalem) committed his sonne Philip with all his lands, Anno Reg. 3. 1157 to the custodie of the king of England.Theoderike earle of Flan|ders. Hugh Bigot also resigned his castels into the kings hands.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But whilest king Henrie was about (as before ye haue heard) to recouer and get backe the portions of his kingdome made away and dismembred by his predecessors,Rebellion of Welsh [...]en. he was informed that the Welshmen raised a rebellion against him; to represse whose at|tempts, he hasted foorth with all diligence. Now at his first approch to their countrie,The king i [...]|uadeth them. his souldiers being set vpon in the straits, were verie fiercelie put back by the enimies, in somuch that a rumor ran how king Henrie was slaine, which puffed vp the Welsh|men EEBO page image 67 with no small hope, and dawnted the English|men with great feare. In déed, diuerse of the Eng|lish nobilitie were slaine, and (amongst others) Eu|stace Fitz Iohn, and Robert de Curcy, men of great honor and reputation.Eustace Fitz Iohn, & Ro|bert de Curcy slaine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Those which escaped in returning backe, not know|ing that the king passed through the straits without danger, declared to their fellowes that followed and were approching to the said straits, that (so farre as they knew) the king and all the residue were lost. These newes so discomforted the companies, that Henrie of Essex, which bare the kings standard by right of inheritance,

Henrie of Essex. Matth. West. Wil. Paruus.

A combat be|twixt Henrie de Essex, and Robert de Mountfort. Matth. West.

threw downe the same, and fled: which dishonorable déed was afterward laid to his charge by one Robert de Mountfort, with whom (by order taken of the king) he fought a combat in triall of the quarrell, and was ouercome: but yet the king qualifieng the rigor of the iudgement by mercie par|doned his life, and appointed him to be a shorne moonke, and put into the abbey of Reading, taking his lands and possessions into his hands as forfeited: howbeit this combat was not tried till about the 9. yeare of this kings reigne.

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