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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, by the sentence and doome of his coun|cellers, to the intent that peace and quiet order might take place, and be the better mainteined, he commanded by waie of publishing a proclamation, Anno Reg. 2. 1155 that all strangers (which to get somwhat by the wars had flocked into the realme,

Nic. Triuet. Polydor. Wil. Paruus.

Strangers appointed to depart the realme.

during the time of the ciuill discord betweene him and king Stephan) shuld depart home without further delaie: wherefore he appointed them a daie, before the which they should a|uoid vpon perill that might insue. It was a worlds woonder to sée and marke how suddenlie these ali|ens were quite vanished,Aliens auoid the land. as though they had béene phantasmes. Their abiding here was nothing pro|fitable to the subiects of the realme, as they that were accustomed to attempt one shrewd turne vp|on an others necke, and thought it lawfull for them so to doo. Amongst them was a great number of Flemings, whom the king hated more than the re|sidue.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 By vertue also of this edict, William of Ypres,William de Ypres. whom king Stephan (as ye haue heard) had made earle of Kent, was constreined with others to de|part the realme, king Henrie seizing all his possessi|ons into his owne hands.Castels ouer|throwne. Polydor. Matth. Paris. Diuerse castels were throwne downe and made plaine with the ground at the kings commandement, which priuate men by king Stephans permission had builded, or else for that they stood not in such places as was thought meet and expedient; Wil. Paruus. Matth. Paris. yet some he caused to be fortifi|ed: and furthermore, tooke into his hands againe such lands and possessions as apperteined to the crowne, and were alienated vnto any manner of person, of what degrée so euer he was. This wounded the minds of many with an inward grudge, as well e|nough perce [...]uing that the king would looke so néere to his owne commoditie, that nothing should be left for them that might any way be recouered and got|ten to his vse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this yere queene Elianor being then in the citie of London, on the last of Februarie was deliuered of hir second sonne named Henrie. N. Triuet. Matth. Paris. Matth. West. William Pe|uerell dishe|rited. About the same time also, William Peuerell of Notingham a noble man and of great possessions was disherited by the king for sorcerie and witchcraft, which he had practi|sed to kill Ran [...]fe earle of Chester, as it was reuea|led openlie, and brought to light. In accomplishing of which hainous crime and detestable act, many o|thers were of counsell, and found giltie with him, which escaped not vnpunished.

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