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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 After this he went to Oxenford, where whilest he remained, a great brute was spred abroad, that the empresse was comming with hir brother the earle of Glocester: which caused him to put the lesse trust in his people from thenceforth, in so much that he began to repent himselfe (although too late) for that he had granted licence to so manie of his subiects to build castels within their owne grounds. For he had them all in suspicion: and amongst other, he vehementlie suspected Roger bishop of Salisburie (who had doone verie much for him) and Alexander bishop of Lin|colne nephue to the said bishop of Salisburie,Roger bishop of Salisburie. Alexander B. of Lincolne. Wil. Malm. or (as some thought) more néere to him in kindred than his nephue, I meane, his sonne. For the said Roger had builded diuerse castels, as at Shierborne, at the Uies, and at Malmesburie. The said Alexander like|wise following his vncles example,Castels built by the bishop of Salisburie. bestowed his monie that way verie fréelie, hauing builded one ca|stell at Newarke, and an other at Sléeford.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king therefore hauing committed both these bishops to prison, Simon Dun. Newarke castel built by the bishop of Lincolne. The B. of E|lie banished. and furthermore sent Nigell or Ne|ill the bishop of Elie into exile (which Nigell was ne|phue also to the foresaid bishop of Salisburie) he threatened to keepe them without either meate or drinke, if they would not cause these castels to be de|liuered into his hands, whereby he obteined them, and moreouer found in the bishop of Salisburies co|fers 40. thousand marks, which he tooke to his owne vse, by way of confiscation for his disloiall demeanor:The bishop of Salisburie dieth of thought. Wil. Malm. In nouella hi|storia. This ingratitude of the king wounded the bishops hart, insomuch that taking thought for the losse of his houses and monie, he pined awaie, and died within a while after.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The quarrell which was first picked at these bi|shops, rose by occasion of a fraie betwixt the bishops men and the seruants of Alaine duke of Britaine, about the taking vp of Inues at their comming to Oxenford. In which fraie one of the dukes men was killed, his nephue almost slaine, and the residue of his folkes sore beaten and chased. Herevpon were the bishops first committed to ward, and afterward handled at the kings pleasure, as partlie ye haue heard.

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