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Compare 1577 edition: 1 At length earle Henrie perceiuing how the mat|ter went, and that there was no hope left of recoue|rie, fled also with those that could escape, bitterlie cur|sing the frowardnesse of fortune, and mishap of that daies chance. The number of them that were killed at this battell was aboue ten thousand. Polydor. Hen. Hunt. The number. In which number there were not manie of the English: but yet among other, Walter Lacie the brother of Gil|bert Lacie, one of their cheefe capteines is remem|bred to be one. Simon Dun. Matth. Paris. Wil. Paru. Polydor. This battell was fought in the mo|neth of August, in the fourth of king Stephan, who hearing of this victorie, greatlie reioised, and gaue infinite commendations to his subiects (the En|glishmen and the Normans) but principallie prai|sed archbishop Thurstan and the bishop of Durham for their faithfull and diligent seruice shewed in this behalfe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 On the other side he himselfe vsing the like good successe amongst the rebels at home, ouercame them, and chased them out of the land. Ran. Higd. Castels reco|uered by king Stephan. For in this meane time he had taken the castels of Hereford, Glocester, Webbeley, Bristowe, Dudley, and Shrewesburie. Likewise Robert earle of Glocester not being able to resist the king thus preuailing against his aduer|saries on ech hand, fled into France vnto his sister the empresse. After this, about Aduent, the popes le|gat one Alberike bishop of Hostia, N. Triuet. Simon Dun. Matth. Paris. held a synod at London, within Paules church, where by the kings consent,Theobald archbishop of Canturburie. Theobald abbat of Bechellouin was conse|crated archbishop of Canturburie, being the 37. arch|bishop which had ruled that see, after Augustine the moonke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king hauing now accomplished his purpose, taken the castell of Leides, Anno Reg. 5. 1140 and brought the state of the realme to a meetlie good staie, thought it expedi|ent after the late ouerthrow giuen to the Scots, Polydor. Matth. Paris. to pursue the victorie, and vtterlie to subdue them with all expedition.K. Stephan inuadeth Scotland. He brought his armie therefore into Scotland, first wasting and spoiling the countrie, and afterward preparing to fight with such Scots as came foorth to defend their goods and houses. K. Da|uid perceiuing himselfe to be too weake, made sute to the king for peace,A peace con|cluded be|twéene the two kings of England and Scotland. which with much difficultie he obteined at length, by deliuering his sonne Henrie vnto king Stephan in pledge for the sure perfor|mance of couenants concluded vpon betwixt them. Herevpon king Stephan hauing thus ended his bu|sinesse in Scotland, returned into England: and af|ter directing his iornie towards Wales, he came to Ludlow:Ludlow roun. which towne (being held by his aduersa|ries) he wan yer long out of their hands.

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