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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This said archbishop came to Rome, but finding EEBO page image 40 not the pope there, he sent messengers with letters vnto him, then lieng sicke at Beneuento, and obtei|ned a fauourable answer, wherewith returning to|wards England, he came to the king at Roan (where he had left him at his setting foorth forward) certifi|eng him how he had sped in this voiage. The forsaid Anselme was also staied by the king at Roan, and could not be suffered to passe ouer into England all that time, till it might be vnderstood by the returne of the archbishop, what the popes pleasure should be further in that matter.Pope Gelasi|us succéeded pope Paschall Shortlie after whose repaire to the king, word was brought that pope Paschall was departed this life, and that Gelasius the second was elected in his place. This Gelasius (to auoid the dangers that might insue to him by reason of the schisme and controuersie betwixt the sée of Rome,1118 Anno. Reg. 19. and the emperour Henrie the fift) came into France, where he liued not long, but died in the abbe [...] of Clu|gnie,Carlixtus the second of that name pope. after whose decease Calixtus the second was called to the papasie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thus by the chance and change of popes, the legat|ship of Anselme could take no place, although his bulles permitted him without limitation of time, not onelie to call and celebrate synods for reformation of disorders in the church, but also for the receiuing of Peter pence to be leuied in England (in the which point pope Paschall in his life time thought them in England verie slacke) as by the same bulles more largelie dooth appéere. The archbishop of Canturbu|rie had alreadie staied foure or fiue yeares in the par|ties beyond the sées, about the matter in controuer|sie betwixt him and Thurstane archbishop of Yorke, who was likewise gone ouer to solicit his cause. But where as at the first he could not find the king in a|nie wise agréeable to his mind, yet when the councell should be holden at Rhemes by pope Calixt, he sued at the leastwise for licence to go thither: but he could neither haue any grant so to doo, till he had promised (vpon his allegiance which he ought to the king) not to attempt anie thing there that might be preiudici|all to the church of Canturburie in anie maner of wise. Neuerthelesse, at his comming thither, he so wrought with bribes and large gifts, that the popes court (a thing easilie doone in Rome) fauoured his cause; yea, such was his successe, that the pope conse|crated him with his owne hands, although king Henrie had giuen notice to him of the controuersie depending betwixt Thurstane and Rafe the archbi|shop of Canturburie, requiring him in no wise ei|ther to consecrate Thurstane himselfe, or grant li|cence to anie other person to consecrate him: for if he did, surelie (for his part) he would banish him quite out of his dominion, which should not be long vn|doone. But now to the purpose.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this meane time, the warres were busilie pur|sued betwixt the two kings of England & France, and a battell was fought betweene them,1119 Anno Reg. 20. with great slaughter on both sides for the space of nine houres.The two kings of Eng+land & France ioine battell. King Henrie hurt in the battell. The forewards on both parties were beaten downe and ouerthrowne; and king Henrie receiued sundrie stripes on his head at the hands of one Wil|liam Crispine countie de Eureux, so as (though his helmet were verie strong and sure) the bloud burst out of his mouth: wherewith he was nothing afraid, but like a fierce lion laid more lustilie about him, and stroke downe diuerse of his enimies, namelie the said Crispine, who was there taken prisoner at the kings feet.The earle of Eureux taken prisoner. Now were the kings people incouraged at the valiancie and prowesse of their king and chief|taine, so that at length they opened and ouercame the maine battell, and setting vpon the rereward, ouer|threw the whole armie of France, which neuer recoi|led, but fought it out euen to the vttermost. There died and were taken prisoners in this conflict manie thousands of men. The French king leauing the field, got him vnto a place called Andelie:Andelei. and the king of England, recouering a towne by the waie called Nicasium, which the French king had latelie woone, returned vnto Rouen,Nicasium. where he was with great triumph receiued, and highlie commended for his noble victorie thus atchiued.

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