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Compare 1577 edition: 1 When the fame was blowne into England, Anno Reg. 2. that duke Robert was returned into Normandie, and that the people had receiued him for their duke with great triumph and ioy: there were diuerse which de|siring innouations, deliting in alterations, and be|ing wearie of the quiet gouernement of king Hen|rie, wrote letters into England to the duke,Duke Robert is solicited to come into En|gland to claim the crowne. signifi|eng to him, that if he would make hast, and come to recouer the realme out of his brothers hands (who v|surped it by an vniust title) they would be readie to aid him with all their power. Herewithall the duke being readie of his owne accord to this enterprise, was not a little inflamed, and grew more earnest to make hast about this businesse: in somuch as, where he would not séeme at the first to estéeme greatlie of the offer made to him by the Englishmen, who had thus written ouer vnto him (blaming generallie all the English Nobilitie, for that while he was abroad in the seruice of the christian common-wealth a|gainst the infidels, they would suffer him to be in such wise defrauded of his fathers inheritance, by his brother, through their vntruth and negligence) yet although he meant to delaie the matter, and thought it rather better to dissemble with them for a time, Wil. Malm. Simon Dun. than to commit the successe of his affaires and person to their inconstancie; shortlie after being set on fire, and still incouraged by the persuasion of Rafe bishop of Durham (who by a woonderfull wilie shi [...]t, about the first of Februarie had broken out of pri|son) with all speed possible he gathered an armie,In the Kal. of Februarie. R. Houe. Hen. Hun [...]. Polydor. pur|posing out of hand to passe ouer with the same into England, and to hazard his right by dent of sword, which was thus by plaine iniurie most wickedlie de|teined from him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie in the meane time vnderstanding his meaning, assembled likewise his power, and rig|ged foorth a great number of ships, appointing them to lie in a readinesse to stop his brothers comming to land if it might be. He himselfe also lodged with his maine armie neere the towne of Hastings, to giue him battell if he landed thereabouts.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Duke Robert also meaning to set foreward, sent certeine of his ships before, to choose some conueni|ent place where he might land with his armie: which ships by chance fell into the danger of the kings na|nie, but yet absteining from battell, they recouered the wind, and returned backe to the duke, signifi|eng from point to point how they had sped in this voiage. The duke as he was of a bold courage, and of so gentle a nature that he beleeued he should win their good wils, with whom he should haue any thing to doo, passed forward, and approching to the kings nauie, vsed such mild persuasions, that a great part of the souldiours which were aboord in the kings ships, submitted themselues vnto him,Duke Robert arriued at Portsmouth. Simon Dun. Wil. Malm. Hen. Hunt. Polydor. by whose con|duct he arriued in Portsmouth hauen, and there lan|ded with his host, about the begining of August. Now when he had rested a few daies & refreshed his men, he tooke the way towards Winchester, a great num|ber of people flocking vnto him by the way.

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