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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About this season the archbishop of Uienna came ouer into England with the popes authoritie (as he pretended) to be legat ouer all Briteine,The archbi|shop of Uien|na the popes legat. which was strange newes vnto England, and greatlie woonde|red at (as Eadmerus saith) of all men. For ithad not beene heard of in England before that time, that any person should supplie the popes roome, except the arch|bishop of Canturburie.He is not re|ceiued for le|gat. And so he departed as he came, for no man receiued him as legat, neither did he exercise anie legantine authoritie. Not long after, the king sent ambassadours to Rome, about a suit which he had against the archbishop Anselme, for that he denied not onelie to doo him homage, but also would not consecrate such bishops and ecclesiasticall gouernours as he vndertooke to inuest. Touching which matter no small trouble arose, as hereafter shall appeere.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane time, Robert the kings elder bro|ther, returning out of the holie land, came into Normandie: for after he had aduertisement of the death of his brother Rufus, and that his yoonger bro|ther was crowned king of England, he was great|lie displeased in his mind, and meant with all spéed to assaie if he might recouer it out of his hands.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 ¶ We read, that when christian princes had woone Hierusalem, Ran. Higd. Duke Robert chosen king of Hierusalem. they met togither in the temple to chuse a king for the gouernement of that citie and coun|trie, in which conuent duke Robert was chosen be|fore all the residue to be king there, by reason of a mi|racle (as some haue left recorded) wrought by quen|ching of a [...]aper, and the sudden kindling thereof a|gaine, as he held the same in his hand, standing in the church before the altar amongst other on Easter euen: so as thereby it should be thought he was ap|pointed among all the residue to be king, and so was nominated. Polydor. But he hauing his mind more inclined to England, refused to take the charge vpon him: wherevpon after that daie he neuer greatlie prospe|red in anie businesse which he tooke in hand: as some doo gather. Other authors of good credit, which haue written that voiage into the holie land, m [...]ke no mention of anie such matter, but declare, that God|fraie of Bolongne was by the generall consent of all the princes and capiteins there elected king, as in the description of that voiage more plainelie ap|péereth. But now to returne from whence I haue digressed.

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