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14.6. Henrie the fift.

Henrie the fift.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 _IN the first yeare of this king, the fiue and twentith of 1413 Iohn Stan|leie the kings lieutenant in Ireland. September, landed in Ire|land at Clawcarfe, Iohn Stanlie the kings lieutenant of that land. He departed this life the 18 of Ianuarie next insuing at Athird, in La|tine called Atrium Dei. After his decease, Thomas Thomas Crauleie archbishop of Dublin. Crauleie archbishop of Dublin was chosen lord iu|stice of Ireland. Ianico de Artois led foorth a power against Maginors, a great lord of Ireland, but néere to a place called Inor manie Englishmen were slaine. The morrow after saint Matthias daie, A parlement. a parlement began againe at Dublin, which conti|nued for the space of fiftéene daies, in which meane time the Irish did much hurt by inuasions made in|to the English pale, and burning vp all the houses afore them that stood in their waie, as their vsuall cu|stome was in times of other parlements: where|vpon a tallage was demanded, but not granted. In the yeare 1414, the Englishmen fought with 1414 the Irish neere to Kilka, and slue an hundred of the enimies, whilest the archbishop being lord iustice in Tristeldermot, went in procession with his clear|gie; praieng for the good spéed of his men and other of the countrie that were gone foorth to fight with the aduersaries. In the feast of saint Gordian and Epimachus, to wit the tenth of Maie, were the Eng|lish of Meth discomfited by Oconthir and his Irish, where they slue Thomas Maureuar baron of Serin; and there were taken prisoners Christopher Fle|ming, Iohn Dardis, and diuerse others, beside ma|nie Englishmen slaine. that were slaine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 On saint Martins éeuen sir Iohn Talbot of Ho|lomshire, lord Furniuale landed at Dalkete, the Iohn lord Talbot of Sherfield. 1415 Robert Tal|bot deceaseth. kings lieutenant in Ireland, a man of great honor. In the yeere one thousand foure hundred and fiftéene in Nouember, Robert Talbot, a right noble man that walled the suburbs of Kilkennie, departed this life. Also Patrike Baret bishop of Fernis decea|sed, and was buried among the canons at Kenlis. This yeare on the feast daie of Geruasius and Pro|thasius 1416 The archbi|shop of Ar|magh decea|seth. which falleth on the ninetéenth of Iune, the lord lieutenants wife the ladie Furniuall was brought to bed at Finglasse of a sonne named Tho|mas. About the same time also Stephan Fleming archbishop of Armagh departed this life, after whome succéeded Iohn Suanig. On the daie of saint Laurence the lord Furniuals sonne Thomas Talbot that was borne at Finglasse in Nouember last past, departed this life, and was buried in the quéere of the friers preachers church in Dublin. A|bout the same time the Irish fell vpon the English|men, and slue manie of them, among other Thomas Balimore of Baliquelan was one. The parlement The parle|ment rem [...]|ued to Trim. which the last yeare had beene called and holden at Dublin, was this yeare remooued to Trim, & there began the eleuenth of Maie, where it continued for the space of eleuen daies, in the which was granted to the lord lieutenant a subsidie in monie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In the yeare following, the archbishop of Du|blin A subsidie. 1417 passed ouer into England, and deceased at Fa|ringdon, The archbi|shop of Du|blin deceased. but his bodie was buried in the new col|lege at Oxford. This man is greatlie praised for his liberalitie, he was a good almesman, a great clerke, a doctor of diuinitie, an excellent preacher, a great His praise. builder, beautifull, tall of stature, and sanguine of complexion. He was foure score and ten yeares of age when he died, and had gouerned the church of Du|blin in good quiet by the space of twentie yeeres. This yeare shortlie after Easter, the lord deputie spoiled 1418 the tenants of Henrie Crus, and Henrie Bethat. Also at Olane on the feast daie of saint Iohn and saint Paule, the erle of Kildare, sir Christopher Pre|ston, and sir Iohn Bedlow were arrested and com|mitted to ward within the castell of Trim, because they sought to commune with the prior of Kilmai|nan.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The nine and twentith of Iune Matthew Hu [...]|seie baron of Galtrim deceased, & was buried at the friers preachers of Trim. In the yeare one thou|sand 1419 A councell o [...] parlement holden. foure hundred & ninetéene a roiall councell was holden at Naas, where was granted to the lord lieu|tenant a subsidie in monie. The same yeare vpon Cenethursdaie Othoell tooke foure hundred kine that belonged vnto Balimore, so breaking the peace contrarie to his oth. The fourth ides of Maie, Mac Murch chéefe capteine of his nation, and of all the Mac Murch taken priso|ner. Irish in Leinster was taken prisoner, and the same daie was sir Hugh Cokeseie made knight. The last of Maie the lord lieutenant, and the archbishop of Dublin with the maior rased the castell of Keni|nie. The morrow after the feast daie of Processus and Martinianus, that is the twentith of Iune, the lord William de Burgh and other Englishmen slue fiue hundred Irishmen, & tooke Okellie. On the feast Okellie ta|ken. daie of Marie Magdalen the lord lieutenant Tal|bot returned into England, leauing his deputie there the archbishop of Dublin. This yeare about saint Laurence daie, diuerse went foorth of Ireland The prior of Kilmainan went to ser [...]e the king in France. to serue the king in his warres of Normandie, as Thomas Butler that was prior of Kilmainan, and manie others. Iohn Fitzhenrie succéeded the said Butler in gouernment of the priorie of Kilmainan. The archbishop of Dublin that remained as lord de|putie slue thirtie Irishmen néere vnto Rodiston. Al|so the thirteenth of Februarie Iohn Fitzhenrie prior of Kilmainan departed this life, and William Fitzthomas was chosen to succeed in his place, and was confirmed the morrow after saint Ualentines daie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Iames Butler earle of Ormond appointed the kings lieutenant in Ireland, in place of Iohn lord 1420 Iames But|ler erle of Or|mond lord lieutenant. Talbot and Furniuall, landed at Waterford a|bout the fourth ides of Aprill: and shortlie after his comming ouer, he caused a combat to be fought be|twixt two of his cousins, of whom the one was slaine in that place, and the other carried awaie sore woun|ded. On saint Georges daie, he held a councell in A parlement summoned. Dublin, & summoned a parlement to begin there the seuenth of Iune. In the meane while he fetcht great booties out of the countries of the Irish lords, Oralie, Mac Mahun, and Maginois. But first yer we go fur|ther to shew what Marlburrow hath noted of the doo|ings, whilest this earle of Ormond gouerned as the kings lieutenant in Ireland, we haue thought good to set downe what Campion also writeth thereof, as thus.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the red moore of Athie (the sunne almost lod|ged Iames Yong an author al|leaged by Campion. The sunne staieth his course. in the west, and miraculouslie standing still in his epicicle by the space of thrée houres, till the feat was accomplished, and no hole nor quakemire in all that bog annoieng either horsse or man of his part) he vanquished Omore and his terrible armie with a few of his owne meinie, and with the like number EEBO page image 77 he ouercame Arthur Mac Morogh, at whose might & p [...]sance all Leinster trembled. To the instruction of this mans worthinesse, the compiler of certeine pre|cepts touching the rule of a common-wealth exciteth his lord the said earle in diuerse places of that worke incidentlie, estsoons putting him in mind that the I|rish are false by kind, that it were expedient, and a worke of charitie to execute vpon them wilfull and malicious transgressors the kings lawes somewhat sharplie, that Odempsie being winked at a while, abused that small time of sufferance to the iniurie of the earle of Kildare, intruding vniustlie vpon the castell of Leie, from whense the said deputie had iust|lie expelled him, and put the earle in possession there|of, that notwithstanding their oths and pledges, they are yet no longer true than they féele themselues the weaker. This deputie tamed the Brens, the Burghs, Mac Banons, Oghaghucaght, Moris Mac Mahun, all the capteins of Thomond: & all this he did in thrée months; the clergie twise euerie weeke in solemne procession praieng for his good succes against those disordered persons, which now in euerie part of Ire|land degenerated from the English ciuilitie, to their old trade of life vsed in that countrie, repined at the English maner of gouernment. So far Campion.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Diuerse parlements vpon prorogations were holden in time that this earle of Ormond was go|uernor. The first began at Dublin the seauenth of Iune in this yeare one thousand foure hundred and 1420 The parle|ment began. twentie, which continued about sixtéen daies. At this parlement was granted to the lord lieutenant a sub|sidie of seauen hundred marks. At the sixtéene daies end this parlement was adiorned till the mondaie after saint Andrews daie. In the same parlement the debts of the lord Iohn Talbot, which were due to certeine persons for vittels and other things, taken vp whilest he was lord lieutenant there, were recko|ned vp; which lord Talbot verelie, for that he saw not the creditors satisfied before his comming awaie, was partlie euill spoken of in the countrie. The mor|row after the feast of Simon and Iude, the castell of Colmolin was taken by Thomas Fitzgirald. And The castell of Colmolin. The earle of Ormonds son and heire borne. on saint Katharins eeuen, the sonne and heire of the earle of Ormond lord lieutenant was borne, for the which there was great reioising. In the parlement begun againe at Dublin the mondaie after saint Andrews daie, an other subsidie of thrée hundred marks was granted vnto the lord lieutenant. And after they had sat thirtéene daies, it was estsoons ad|iorned vntill the mondaie after saint Ambrose daie. Then rumors were spred abrode, that Thomas Fitz, Iohn earle of Desmond was departed this life at Paris vpon saint Laurence daie, after whome suc|céeded his vncle Iames Fitzgirald, whome he had three seuerall times renounced, as one that was a waster of his patrimonie both in England and Ire|land, and not like to come to anie good proofe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In the yeare one thousand foure hundred twen|tie and one, the parlement began againe vpon the 1421 [...] parlement. last prorogation, the mondaie after saint Ambrose daie: in which parlement it was ordeined that cer|teine persons should be sent to the king, to sue that a reformation might be had in matters touching the state of the land. The [...]fe of those that were thus sent, were the archbishop of Armagh, and sir Christo|pher The bishop of Ca [...]ill ac|cused. Preston knight. Moreouer Richard Ohedian bishop of Cashill was accused by Iohn Gese bishop of Lismore and Waterford, who laid thirtie articles vnto his charge. Amongst other, one was for that he loued none of the English nation, and that he bestowed not one benefice vpon anie Englishman, and counselled other bishops that they should not be|stow anie within their diocesse vpon anie English|man. Moreouer, another article was for counter|feting the kings seale. And another, for that he went about to make himselfe king of Mounster, and had taken a ring from the image of saint Patrike (which the earle of Desmond had offered) and giuen it to his lemman. Manie other crimes were laid to him by the said bishop of Lismore and Warerford, which he exhibited in writing. Also in the same parlement there rose contention betwixt Adam Paine bishop of Clone, and another prelat, whose church he would haue annexed vnto his see. At length, after the parle|ment had continued for the space of eightéene daies, The duke of Clarence slaine in France. it brake vp. Herewith came news of the slaughter of the lord Thomas of Lancaster duke of Clarence, that had béene lord lieutenant of Ireland. And vpon the seuenth of Maie certeine of the erle of Ormonds men were ouerthrowen by the Irish, néere to the abbeie of Leis, and seuen and twentie Englishmen were slaine there: of whom the cheefe were two gen|tlemen, the one named Purcell, & the other Grant. Also ten were taken prisoners, and two hundred es|caped to the foresaid abbeie, so sauing themselues. About the fame time Mac Mahun an Irish lord did much hurt within the countrie of Urgile, by burn|ing Mac Mahun & wasting all afore him. Also vpon the morrow after Midsummer daie, the earle of Ormond lord lieutenant entred into the countrie about Leis vp|on Omordris, and for the space of foure daies to|gither did much hurt; in slaieng and spoiling the peo|ple, till the Irish were glad to sue for peace.

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