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14.5. A letter from Corke out of an old record that beareth no date.

A letter from Corke out of an old record that beareth no date.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 _IT may please your wisedomes to haue pittie on vs the kings poore sub|iects within the countie of Corke, or else we are cast awaie for euer. For where there are in this countie these lords by name, beside EEBO page image 75 knights, esquiers, gentlemen, and yeomen, to a great number that might dispend yearelie eight hundred pounds, sixe hundred pounds, foure hun|dred pounds, two hundred pounds, one hundred pounds, an hundred markes, twentie markes, twen|tie pounds, ten pounds, some more, some lesse, to a great numbers, besides these lords. First the lord marques Caro, his yearelie reuenues was beside Dorseie hauen and other créekes, two thousand two hundred pounds sterling. The lord Barneuale of Béerhauen, his yearelie reuenue was beside Bo|dre hauen and other créekes, one thousand six hun|dred pounds sterling. The lord Wogan of the great castell, his yearelie reuenue beside his hauens and I thinke ra|ther Gréene castell. créekes, thirtéene thousand pounds. The lord Bal|ram of Enfort, his yearelie reuenue beside hauens and creekes, one thousand thrée hundred pounds sterling. The lord Curcie of Kelbretton, his yeare|lie reuenue beside hauens and créekes, one thou|sand two hundred pounds sterling. The lord Man|deuile of Barenstellie, his yearelie reuenue beside hauens and creekes, one thousand two hundred pounds sterling. The lord Arundell of the Strand, his yearelie reuenue beside hauens and créekes, one thousand fiue hundred pounds sterling. The lord Barod of the gard, his yearelie reuenues beside hauens & créekes one thousand one hundred pounds sterling. The lord Steineie of Baltmore, his yearelie reuenue beside hauens and créekes, eight hundred pounds sterling. The lord Roch of Poole castell, his yearelie reuenues besides hauens and creekes, ten thousand pounds sterling. The kings maiestie hath the lands of the late yoong Barrie by forfeiture, the yearelie reuenue whereof, besides two riuers and créekes, and all other casualties, is one thousand eight hundred pounds sterling.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 And that at the end of this parlement, your lord|ship, with the kings most noble councell may come to Corke, & call before you all these lords, and other Irishmen, and bind them in paine of losse of life, lands and goods, that neuer one of them doo make warre vpon an other, without licence or comman|dement of you my lord deputie, and the kings coun|cell; for the vtter destruction of these parts is that onelie cause. And once all the Irishmen, and the kings enimies were driuen into a great vallie cal|led Clane onight, betwixt two great mounteines called Maccort, or the leprous Iland: and there they liued long and manie yeares with their white meat, till at the last these English lords fell at variance a|mong themselues, and then the weakest part tooke certeine Irishmen to take their part, and so vanqui|shed their enimies. And thus fell the English lords at warre among themselues, till the Irishmen were stronger than they, and draue them awaie, and now haue the countrie whole vnder them; but that the lord Roch, the lord Barrie, and the lord Curcie one|lie remaine with the least part of their ancestors pos|sessions: and yoong Barrie is there vpon the kings portion, paieng his grace neuer a pennie rent. Wherefore we the kings poore subiects of the citie of Corke, Kinsale, and Yoghall, desire your lordship to send hither two good iustices to sée this matter or|dred, and some English capteins with twentie Eng|lishmen that may be capteins ouer vs all: and we will rise with them to redresse these enormities all at our owne costs. And if you will not come nor send, we will send ouer to our liege lord the king, and complaine on you all. Thus far that letter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 And (as saith Campion) at this daie the citie of The citie of Corke. Corke is so incumbred with vnquiet neighbors of great power, that they are forced to gard their gates continuallie, & to kéepe them shut at seruice times, at meales, and from sun setting to sun rising, not suffering anie stranger to enter the towne with his weapon, but to leaue the same at a lodge appointed. They dare vnneth at anie time walke abroad far from the towne for their recreation, except at sea|sons; and then with strength of men furnished with armor and weapon for their safegard. They match in wedlocke among themselues, so that welnéere the whole citie is alied and ioined togither in consan|guinitie. But now to returne vnto the dooings of the earle of Ormond that was placed lord iustice in Scroops roome. We doo find that in the yeare 1408 1408 A parlement at Dublin. he called a parlement at Dublin, in which the sta|tutes of Kilkennie and Dublin were estsoones reui|ued, and certeine ordinances established vnder the great seale of England against purueiors. The same The lord Thomas of Lancaster commeth o [...]er into Ireland. yeare, the morrow after Lammas daie, the lord Thomas of Lancaster sonne to king Henrie the fourth, lord lieutenant of Ireland, landed at Car|lingford, and in the weeke following he came vnto Dublin, and put the earle of Kildare vnder arrest, comming to him with three of his familie. He lost all his goods, being spoiled & rifled by the lord lieute|nant his seruants, & himselfe kept still in prison in the castell of Dublin, till he had paid 300 marks fine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 On the daie of saint Marcell the martyr decea|sed The lord Scroope de|ceaseth. the lord Stephan Scroope at Tristeldermot. The same yeare also was the lord Thomas of Lan|caster at Kilmainan wounded (I know not how) and vnneth escaped with life, and after caused sum|mons to be giuen by proclamation, that all such as ought by their tenures to serue the king, should as|semble at Rosse. And after the feast of saint Hila|rie, he held a parlement at Kilkennie for a tallage The lord Thomas re|turneth into England. to be granted. And after the thirtéenth of March, he returned into England, leauing the prior of Kilmai|nan for his deputie in Ireland. This yeare also Hugh Macgilmore was slaine in Cragfergus with|in the church of the friers minors, which church he had before destroied, and broken downe the glasse windowes to haue the iron bars, thorough which his enimies the Sauages entred vpon him. This yeare being in the tenth of Henrie the fourth, in Iune, Ianico de Artois with the Englishmen 1409 Iames de Artois. The sword giuen to the citie of Dub|lin. Bailiffes changed into shiriffes. slue foure score of the Irish in Ulster. This yeare king Henrie gaue the sword to the citie of Dublin, which citie was first gouerned (as appeareth by their ancient seale called Signum praepositurae) by a prouost: and in the thirtéenth of Henrie the third by a maior and two bailiffes, which were changed into shiriffes, by charter granted by Coward the sixt, 1547.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 This maioralitie, both for state and charge of office, and for bountifull hospitalitie, exceedeth anie citie in England, London excepted. In the yeare following, the one and twentith daie of Maie, a par|lement 1410 began at Dublin, which lasted thrée wéekes, the prior of Kilmainan sitting as lord iustice. The same yeare, the two and twentith of Iune, the same iustice tooke the castels of Mibraclide, Oferoll, and de la Mare. Ireland this yeare was sore afflicted for want of corne. The lord iustice entred into the land of Obren with 1500 Kernes, of which number eight A iournie made by the lord iustice. hundred reuolted to the Irish, so that if the power of Dublin had not beene there, it had gon euill with the lord iustice: and yet he escaped not without losse, for Iohn Derpatrike was slaine there. In the yeare 1411, mariages were celebrated among the no|bilitie in Ireland. William Preston maried the 1411 Mariages. daughter of Edward Paris, and Iohn Wogan matched with the eldest daughter of Christopher Pre|ston; and Walter de la Hide with the second daugh|ter of the same Christopher. In the yeare 1412, a|bout 1412 the feast of Tibertius and Ualerianus, which Oconthir. falleth on the tenth of Aprill, Oconthir did much mis|chiefe EEBO page image 76 in Meth, and tooke 160 Englishmen. The same yeare Odoles a knight, and Thomas Fitz|morice fought togither, and either slue other. The The bishop of Meth decea|seth. The death of king Henrie the fourth. foure & twentith of Maie, Robert Mounteine bi|shop of Meth departed this life, to whome succéeded Edward de Audiscie sometime archdecon of Corn|wall. This yeare on saint Cutberts daie king Hen|rie the fourth departed this life.

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