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3.2. Edward the third.

Edward the third.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 VNneth was the buſineſſe about the Witches at an ende,1326 when it was ſignified that a gen|tleman of the familie of the Otoolies in Leyniſter named Adam Duffe, poſſeſſed by ſome wicked ſpirit of error,1327 denyed obſtinately the incarnation of our ſauiour, the trinitie of perſons in the vnitie of the Godhead, & the reſurrectiõ of the fleſh: as for the holy ſcripture, he ſayde it was but a fable:Adam Duffe an heretike. the virgin Marie he affyrmed to be a womã of diſſo|lute life: ye Apoſtolike ſea erronious. For ſuch kind of aſſertions, he was burnt in Hogging grene be|ſide [figure appears here on page 58] Dublin. About the ſame time, Fitz ark Mac|morch, & ſir Henry Trahern were takẽ priſoners.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare folowing, the lord Thomas Fitz Iohn Earle of Kildare, and the Lorde Arnolde Poer, and William Erle of Vlſter, wer ſent ouer into Ireland, and Roger Outlaw prior of ſaint Iohns of Ieruſalem in Ireland, commonly cal|led the prior of Kilmaynam, was made Lorde Iuſtice.The Prior of Kilmaynam Lord iuſtice. This man by reaſon of variaunce that chaunced to riſe betwixt the Giraldines, the But|lers, and Birminghams, on the one ſide, and the Poers and Burghes on the other, for terming the Earle of Kildare a rimor, to pacifie the parties called a Parliament, wherin he himſelfe was fain to make his purgation of a ſlaunder impoſed to him, as ſuſpected of Hereſie.Arnald Poer accuſed of hereſie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Biſhop of Oſſorie had giuen an informa|tion agaynſte Arnalde le Poer conuented and conuicted in his Conſiſtorie of certaine hereticall opinions, but bycauſe the beginning of Poers accuſation concerned the Iuſtices kinſman, and EEBO page image 59 the Biſhop was miſtruſted to proſecute his own wrong, and the perſon of the man rather than the fault: a day was limitted for the iuſtifying of the byll, the partie being apprehended and re|ſpited therevnto.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This dealing the Biſhop (who durſt not ſtyrre out of Kilkenny to proſecute his accuſation) was reputed partiall, and when by meanes hereof the matter hanged in ſuſpence, he infamed the ſayde Prior as an abettor and fauourer of Arnolds he|reſie. The Prior ſubmitted himſelfe to the tryal, and thervpon were ſeueral Proclamations made in Court, that it ſhoulde bee lawfull to any man to come into the Court, and to inferre, accuſe, and declare what euidence he coulde, agaynſt the Lorde Iuſtice, but none came. Then paſſed a decree by the Counſaile, commaunding all Bi|ſhops, Abbots, Priors, & the Maiors of Dublyn Corke, Lymerike, Waterford, and Droghdagh, the Shirifes, Knightes, and Seneſhals of euerie ſhire, to appeare at Dublin. From amongſt all theſe, they appointed .vj. inquiſitors, which exa|mining the biſhops & other perſons aforeſayd ſin|gularly one by one, found that with an vniuerſal cõſent they depoſed for the Prior, affyrming that to their iudgments he was a zealous and a faith|full childe of the Catholike Church. In the meane time, Arnold le Poer the priſoner deceaſed in the Caſtel, and bycauſe he ſtoode vnpurged, long hee lay vnburied.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1329.1329 The Earle of Louth ſlaine. Iohn de Birmingham Erle of Louth, and his brother Peter, with many other of that ſurname, and Richard Talbot of Mala|hide were ſlain on Whitſon euen at Balibragan by men of the Countrey.The Lorde Butler ſlaine. Alſo the Lord Thomas Butler, and diuerſe other noble men were ſlaine by Mac Gogoghdan and other Iriſh mẽ neare to Molinger, for the Iriſh aſwell in Leyniſter as in Meth, made inſurrections in that ſeaſon, and ſo likewiſe did they in Moũſter vnder the leading of Obren, whom William Erle of Vlſter, and Ia|mes Erle of Ormond vanquiſhed. So outragi|ous were the Leyniſter Iriſh, that in one Church they brunt foure ſcore innocent ſoules, aſking no more but the life of their prieſt thẽ at Maſſe, whõ they notwithſtãding ſticked with their Iauelins, ſpurned the hoſt, & waſted al with fire, neither for|ced they of ye Popes interdictiõ, nor any eccleſiaſti|call cenſures denoũced againſt thẽ (matters of no ſmal cõſideratiõ amõg thẽ namely in thoſe days) but maliciouſly perſeuered in ye courſe of their fu|rious rage, till the citizens of Wexford ſomwhat tamed thẽ, & ſlue .400. of thẽ in one ſkirmiſh, ye reſt fleeing were all drenched in the water of Slane.

[figure appears here on page 59]

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1330.1330 the Earle of Vlſter with a great army made a iourney agaynſt Obren,The Prior of Kilmaynam Lord Iuſtice. and the prior of Kilmaynã Lord iuſtice put Maurice Fitz Thomas Erle of Deſmond in priſon in the Marſhalſee, out of the which he freely eſcaped, and the Lord Hugh Lacie returned into Ireland, and obteyned the kings peace and fauour.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1331.1331 the Earle of Vlſter paſ|ſed ouer into Englande, and great ſlaughter was made vpon the Iriſh in Okenſly. Alſo the caſtell of Arclo was taken by the Iriſh men, and great ſlaughter made of the Engliſhe in the Cowlagh by Otothell and other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Alſo the Lorde Anthonie Lucie was ſent ouer Lorde Iuſtice into Irelande,Anthony Lucy Lord Iuſtice. and great ſlaugh|ter was made of the Iriſh at Thurlis by the knightes of the Countrey, and at Finnath in Meth, there were manye of them ſlaine by the Engliſh, but yet was the Caſtell of Fernis ta|ken and burnt by the Iriſh.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 On the feaſt day of the Aſſumption of our La|die, which falleth on the .xv. of Auguſt,The Earle of Deſmond ap|prehended. Maurice Fitz Thomas Erle of Deſmond was apprehen|ded at Limerike by the Lorde Iuſtice, and ſent EEBO page image 60 vnto the Caſtell of Dublyn.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Moreouer the Lord Iuſtice tooke ſir William Birmingham at Clomell by a wile, whileſt hee was ſicke in his bed, and ſent him togither with his ſonne Walter Birmingham vnto the Caſtel of Dublyn, the .xxx. of Aprill.

Compare 1587 edition: 1


William Bir|mingham exe|cuted.

In the yeare .1332. the ſayde ſir William was hanged at Dublin, but Walter was deliuered by reaſon he was within orders.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Campion.Campion following ſuche notes as he hath ſeene, writeth that the death of this William Birmingham chaunced in time of the gouern|ment of William Outlaw Prior of Kilmaynã, being lieutenant vnto Iohn Lorde Darcie, that was made Lorde Iuſtice (as the ſayd Campion hath noted) in the yeare .1329. Although Marle|burgh affyrmeth that hee came thither to beare that office, in the yeare .1332. after the Lord Lu|cie was diſcharged, as hereafter ſhall be recyted. But whenſoeuer, or vnder whom ſoeuer Bir|mingham was executed, hee was accounted an odde Knight, and ſuche one as for his valiancie, hys matche was not lyghtly to bee any where founde.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Caſtell of Clonmore was taken the ſame yeare by the Engliſhmen, and the caſtell of [figure appears here on page 60] Bonrate was deſtroyed by the Iriſh of Thomõd.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Alſo Henry de Mandeuile was taken and ſent priſoner to be ſafely kept in Dublyn.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Likewiſe Walter Burgh with two of hys brethren were taken in Connagh by the Earle of Vlſter, and ſent to the Caſtell of Norburgh.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This yeare the Lord Antonie Lucie was diſ|charged of his rowmth by the king, and ſo retur|ned with his wife and children into Englande,The Lorde Darcie iuſtice. and the Lorde Iohn Darcie was ſent ouer Lord Iuſtice in Lucies place, and great ſlaughter was made vpon Bren Obren, and Mac Carthi, in Mounſter, by the Engliſh of that Countrey.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Iohn Darcie (as ſhoulde appeare by gyftes beſtowed vpon him by the King) was in ſingular fauour wyth him. Amongeſt other things which hee had of the kings gyft, we fynde that hee had the Manours of Louth, and Ba|liogarie, and other landes in Irelande which be|longed to the Earle of Ew,The Earle of Ew. and for that the ſayd Earle was a French man, and tooke part wyth Philip de Valois the kings enimie, they were ſeyſed into the kings hande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle of Deſmonde vpon ſureties was ſet at libertie,


A Parliament.

and by the Parliament holden at Dublyn in this yeare .1333. was ſent ouer in|to Englande vnto the King, and William Earle of Vlſter a yong Gentleman of twentie yeares of age, in goyng towardes Knocfergus the .vij. of Iune,The Earle of Vlſter ſlaine. was ſlaine neare to the fourdes in Vlſter, by his owne people: but hys wyfe and daughter eſcaped into Englande: and the daughter was after maryed vnto the Lorde Lio|nell the kings ſonne. She deceaſſed afterwards at Dublyn, and left a daughter behind hir that was hir heyre, maryed to Roger Mortimer Earle of March, and Lorde of Trym.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This murther was procured by Robert Fitz Martine Mandeuile, who was the firſt that pre|ſumed to giue to the Earle any wounde.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 To reuenge the death of this Erle of Vlſter (ſlaine as ye haue heard beſide Knocfergus) the Lorde Iuſtice Darcie with a great power went into Vlſter, to purſue thoſe that through Man|deuiles ſeditious tumultes had ſo trayterouſly murthered their Lord. At his ſetting forward,Sir Thomas Burgh. the ſaide Iuſtice Darcie appoynted ſir Tho. Burgh Treaſurer, to gouerne as lieutenant to him in his abſence. When the Lorde Iuſtice had puni|ſhed the trayters in Vlſter,The Lorde Iuſtice inua|deth Scotland. hee paſſed ouer into Scotlande, there to make warre agaynſte the Scottes that were enimies at that preſent to the EEBO page image 61 king of England, and on the feaſt day of Saint Margaret, greate ſlaughter was made of the Scots by the Iriſh men, and ſo what by the king in one part, and the Lorde Iuſtice of Irelande in another, Scotland was in maner wholy conque|red, and Edwarde Ballioll was eſtabliſhed king of Scotland. The Lord Iuſtice might haue poſ|ſeſſed the Iles if they had bene worth the keeping, into the which Iles, except the ſayd Darcy & the Earle of Suſſex late Lieutenant of Irelande, no gouernor at any time yet aduentured.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 At Darcyes comming backe into Irelande, and exerciſing the office of Lorde Iuſtice, he deli|uered Walter Birmingham out of the Caſtell of Dublin.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1336.1336 and tenth of Edward the thirdes raigne, on Saint Laurence day, the Iriſh of Connagh were diſcomfited and put to flight by the Engliſh men of the Countrey there, with the loſſe of one Engliſh man, and ten thouſande [figure appears here on page 61] of the enimies.


Sir Iohn Charleton Iuſtice.

The Lord Iohn Charleton barõ came into Irelande to be Lord Iuſtice, and with him his brother Thomas Biſhop of Hereforde Lord Chancelor, & Iohn Rice Lorde Treaſorer, and two hundred Welchmen ſouldiers. The Bi|ſhop was ordeyned afterward Lorde Iuſtice,


The Biſhop of Hereford lorde Iuſtice.

in whoſe time all the Iriſh of Ireland were at defi|ance with the Engliſh, & ſhortly brought againe into quiet by the Erles of Kildare and Deſmond. The Lorde Iohn Darcy by the kings letters pa|tents,


Iohn Darcie Lorde iuſtice during life.

was during life ordeyned Lorde Iuſtice of Irelande, in the .xiiij. yeare of king Edwarde the thirds raigne, which king abuſed by euill counſell and ſiniſter informers, called in vnder his ſignet royall,Calling in of liberties. the franchiſes, liberties and grants what|ſoeuer had bin deuiſed, made & ratified to ye realm of Ireland, and to euery eche perſon thereof. This reuoking of liberties was diſpleaſantly takẽ. The Engliſh of byrth, and the Engliſh of bloud fal|ling at wordes, were deuided into factions about it, for which contention the Iriſh ſtill wayted, ſo as the realme was euen vpon the point to giue o|uer all and to rebel. For redreſſe whereof the lorde Iuſtice called a Parliament at Dublin, to the which the nobles refuſed to come, & in quiet wiſe aſſembled thẽſelues togither at Kilkenny, where they with the commons agreed vpon certain que|ſtions to be demaũded of the king by way of ſup|plication, ſignifying in the ſame partlye their griefs. Which queſtiõs were in effect as foloweth.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Howe a Realme of warre might bee gouerned by one both vnſkilfull and vnable in all warlike ſeruice.Articles or queſtions.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 How an officer vnder the king that entred very poore, might in one yeare grow to more exceſſiue wealth, than men of great patrimonie and liue|lode in many yeares.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Howe it chaunced, that ſithe they were all called Lordes of theyr owne, that the ſoue|raigne Lord of them all, was not a pennie the ry|cher for them.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The chiefe of them that thus ſeemed to re|pine with the preſent gouernment, was Tho|mas Fitz Maurice Erle of Deſmonde, through whoſe maintenance and bearing out of the mat|ter, the Countrey was in great trouble, ſo as it had not lightly beene ſeene, that ſuche contra|rietie in myndes and diſlyking had appeared a|mongeſt thoſe of the Engliſh race in that realme at any time before.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Herewith Raufe Vffort was ſent ouer Lord Iuſtice, who bringing hys wyfe wyth him,


Raufe Vffort Lord iuſtice.

the Counteſſe of Vlſter arryued about the .xiij. of Iulie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thys man was verye rygorous, and through perſwaſion (as was ſayde) of his wyfe, he was more extreeme and couetous than otherwyſe hee woulde haue beene, a matter not to bee forgot|ten:The Counteſſe of Vlſter. for if thys Ladie had beene as readie to moue hir huſbande to haue ſhewed hymſelfe EEBO page image 62 gentle and mylde in his gouernment, as ſhe was bent to pricke him forwarde vnto ſharpe dealing and rygorous proceedings, ſhee had beene nowe aſwell reported of, as ſhee is infamed by theyr pennes that haue regyſtred the doyngs of thoſe tymes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But to ye purpoſe. This Vffort Lord iuſtice in paine of forfeyture of all his lands commaunded the Erle of Deſmonde to make his perſonall ap|pearance at a Parliament which he called to bee holden at Dublin, there to begin the .vij. of Iune,The Earle of Deſmonde. and bycauſe the Erle refuſed to come (according to the ſummonance, he rayſed the kings Stan|dard, and with an army marched into Mounſter, [figure appears here on page 62] and there ſeyſed the Earles poſſeſſions into the kings handes, letting them foorth to ferme for an annuall rent vnto other perſons.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And whileſt hee yet remayned in Mounſter, he deuiſed wayes how to haue the Earle of Deſ|monde apprehended, whiche being brought to paſſe, hee afterwarde deliuered him vpon main|priſe of theſe ſureties whoſe names enſue:Sureties for the Earle of Deſmonde. Wil|liam de Burgh Earle of Vlſter, Iames Butler Earle of Ormonde, Rycharde Tuyt, Nicho|las Verdon, Maurice Rochefort, Euſtace le Power, Geralde de Rochefort, Iohn Fitz Ro|bert Power, Robert Barry, Maurice Fitz Gi|rald, Iohn Welleſley, Walter le Fant, Richard Rokelley, Henrie Traherne, Roger Power, Iohn Lenfaunt, Roger Power, Mathew Fitz Henrie, Richarde Walleys, Edmonde Burgh ſonne to the Earle of Vlſter, knightes: Dauid Barry, William Fitz Gerald, Foulke de Fraxi|nus, Robert Fitz Maurice, Henry Fitz Berkley, Iohn Fitz George de Roche, Thomas de Lees de Burgh.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Theſe (as ye haue heard) were bounde for the Earle, and bycauſe hee made default, the Lorde Iuſtice verily tooke the aduauntage of the bonde agaynſt the mainpernours, foure of them onely excepted, the two Earles, and two knightes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Vffort euill ſpoken of.The lord Iuſtice is charged with ſtrayte dea|ling by wryters in this behalfe, for that the ſame perſons had aſſiſted him in his warres agaynſte Deſmond: but truly if we ſhal conſider the mat|ter with indifferencie, he did no more than law & reaſon required. For if euery ſurety vpõ forfeyture of his bonde ſhoulde be forborne, that otherwyſe doth his duetie, what care woulde men haue ey|ther to procure ſureties, or to become ſuretyes themſelues?

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But ſuch is the affection of wryters, ſpeci|cially when they haue conceyued any miſlyking towardes thoſe of whome they take occaſion to ſpeake, ſo as many a worthie man hath bene de|famed, and with ſlaunder greatly defaced in things wherein he rather hath deſerued ſingular commendation. But howſoeuer this matter was handled touching the Earle of Deſmonde,Ioy conceyued for the death of the lord Iu|ſtice Vffort. vpon the death of the Lord Iuſtice, whiche en|ſued the nexte yeare, Bonfyres were made, and greate ioye ſhewed through all the Realme of Irelande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 His Ladie verily (as ſhoulde appeare) was but a miſerable woman, procuring him to ex|tortion and bryberie. Much he abridged the pre|rogatiues of the Churche, and was ſo hated, that euen in the ſight of the Countrey he was robbed without reſcue by Mac Cartie, notwithſtan|ding he gathered power, and diſperſed thoſe Re|bels of Vlſter.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Robert Darcy was ordeyned Iuſtice by the Counſell,


Robert Darcie Lord iuſtice.

till the kings letters came to ſir Iohn Fitz Morice, who releaſed Fitz Thomas Earle of Kildare left in durance by Vfford at his death.Iohn Fitz Mo|rice Iuſtice.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fitz Morice continued not long, but was diſcharged, and the Lorde Walter Birmingham elect to ſucceede in that rowmth,Lord Birming+ham Iuſtice. who procured EEBO page image 63 a ſafeconduct for Deſmonde to pleade his cauſe before the King, by whome he was liberally en|treated, and allowed towarde his expences there twentie ſhillings a day at the Princes charge, in conſideration of whiche curteſie ſhewed to hys Kinneſman, the Earle of Kildare, accompanied with dyuerſe Lordes, Knightes, and choſen Horſemen, ſerued the King at Calyce, a towne thought impregnable, and returned after the win|ning thereof in greate pompe and ioylitie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1


[...]ecord Tur.

Wee finde that Thomas Lorde Berkeley, and Reignalde Lord C [...]bham, and Sir Morice Berckley became main [...]ernours for the ſayde Earle of Deſmonde, that hee ſhoulde come into England and abide ſuch tryall as the law would awarde.

Compare 1587 edition: 1


The Prior of Kilmaynam. Baron Carew Iuſtice.

Sir Thomas Rokesby Iuſtice. Record Tur.

Iohn Archer Prior of Kylmaynam was ſubſtituted Lieutenaunt to the Lorde Iuſtice. To whome ſucceeded Baron Carew, and af|ter Carewe followed Sir Thomas Rokeſbye Knight, vnto whome was aſſigned aboue his ordinarie retinew of twentie men of armes, a ſupplie of tenne men of armes, and twentie. Ar|chers on Horſebacke, ſo long as it ſhould bee thought needfull.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Greate mortalitie chaunced this yeare, as in other partes of the worlde, ſo eſpecially in places aboute the Sea coaſtes of Englande and Ire|lande.1349

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare following, departed this life A|lexander Bignor Archbiſhop of Dublin.Iohn de Saint Paule Archbi|ſhop of Dub|lin. And the ſame yeare was Iohn de Saint Paule con|ſecrated Archbiſhop of that ſea.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This yeare deceaſed Kemwryke Shereman ſometime Maior of Dublin,


Kenwrike Shereman.

a great benefactor to euery Churche and religious houſe within .xx. myles rounde aboute the Citie. His legacies to the poore and other, beſides his liberalitie ſhewed in his lyfe tyme, amounted to three thouſande Markes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Sir Robert Sauage.In this ſeaſon dwelled in Vlſter a wealthie knight, one ſir Robert Sauage, who the rather to preſerue his owne, began to wall and fortifie his Manor houſes with Caſtelles and pyles againſt the Iriſh enimie, exhorting his heyre Henrie Sa|uage to applie that worke ſo beneficiall for him|ſelfe and his poſteritie.

Father (quoth yong Sa|uage) I remember the prouerbe, Better a Caſtell of bones than of ſtones: where ſtrẽgth & courage of valiant men are preſt to helpe vs, neuer will I (by the grace of God) comber my ſelfe with dead walles. My fort ſhall bee where ſoeuer yong blouds be ſtyrring, and where I finde rowmth to fight.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The father in a fume let [...] the buylding, and forſware to goe any further forwarde in it. But yet the want therof and ſuch like, hath beene the decay as well of the Sauages, as of all the Eng|liſhe Gentlemen in Vlſter: [...] the lacke alſo of walled Townes is one of the principall occaſi|ons of the rude wildeneſſe in other partes of Ire|lande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Sauage hauing prepared [...] armie a|gaynſt the Iriſhe, allowed to euerie Souldier be|fore they ſhould buckle with the enimie, [...] draught of Aqua vite, Wine, or olde Ale, and killed in prouiſion for their returne, Bi [...]e, Vr [...]|ſon, and fowle, great plentie: which doing diuers of his captaines miſliked, bycauſe they conſidered the ſucceſſe of warre to be vncertaine, and there|fore eſteemed it better policie to poyſon the cates, or to do them away, than to keepe the ſame, and happely to feed a ſort of rogues with ſuch [...] foode, if ought ſhoulde happen to themſelues, in this aduenture of ſo fewe agaynſte ſo manye. Hereat ſmyled the Gentleman and ſayde, [...] ye are too full of enuie: This worlde is but [...] Anne, to the which ye haue no ſpeciall intereſt, but are onely tenants at will of the Lorde. [...] pleaſe him to commaunde vs from it, as it were from our lodging, and to ſet other good fellowes in our rowmthes, what hurt ſhall it be for vs to leaue them ſome meate for their ſuppers, let them hardly winne it and weare it. If they enter our dwellings, good maner woulde no leſſe but to welcome them with ſuch fare as the Countrey breedeth, and with all my heart much good may it do them. Notwithſtanding I preſume ſo farre vpõ your noble corages, that verily my mind gi|ueth me we ſhal returne at night, & bãket our ſel|ues with our owne ſtore, and ſo they did, hauing ſlain three .M. Iriſhmen.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yere .1355. deceaſed Maurice Fitz Tho|mas Erle of Deſmond L. iuſtice of Ireland,


The Earle of Deſmond lord iuſtice de|ceaſſeth.

that had that office of the kings grant for terme of life.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After him ſucceeded in ye rowmth Thomas de Rokeſby, a knight ſincere & vpright of conſcience,Thomas Ro|kesby Lorde iuſtice. His ſaying. who being cõtrolled for ſuffring himſelf to be ſer|ued in treen cups, anſwered: thoſe homely cups & diſhes pay truly for that they cõtein: I had rather drinke out of treen cups, & pay gold & ſiluer, than drink out of golde and make woodden payment.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This yeare began great controuerſie betwixt Richard Raufe Primate of Ardmagh,


Diſſention be|twixt the Pri|mate of Ard|magh, and the foure orders of Friers.

and the foure orders of begging Friers, which ended at length by the deaths of the ſayd Richarde Raufe, and Richarde Kilminton, in the yeare .1266. Raufe deceaſſing in the Popes Court, and Kil|minton in England.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Almerike de Saint Amand, Iohn,Three Lorde Iuſtices. or as other haue Iames Butler Erle of Ormõd. and Mau|rice Fitz Thomas Erle of Kildare, were appoin|ted Lord Iuſtices of Ireland by tur [...]es.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In Ormonds time, and in the .xxxiij. yere of king Edward the thirds raigne,Record Tur. order was taken that the Iriſh Lordes ſhould remaine & dwell in EEBO page image 64 their houſes vpon the marches to defend the ſub|iects from inuaſions of enimies. And further, pro|clamation went forth, that no mere. Iriſh borne ſhould be made Maior, Bailife, porter, officer or miniſter, in any towne or place within the Eng|liſh dominiõs: nor that any Archbiſhop, Biſhop, Abbot, prior or any other being of the kings alle|giance, vpon forfeyture of al that he might forfeit, ſhould aduance any that was mere Iriſh borne to the rowmth of a Canon, or to haue any other ec|cleſiaſticall benefice that lay among the Engliſhe ſubiects.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 To Maurice Thomas Erle of Kildare, when he was ordeyned Lord Iuſtice,The Earle of Kildare Lorde iuſtice. the kings letters aſſigned in yearely fee for his office fiue hundred poundes, with condition that the ſayde gouernor ſhould find .xx. great horſes to ſerue in the field he himſelf to be the twentith man in going agaynſt the enimie: whiche alowance and conditions in thoſe dayes (ſo farre as I can geſſe) ſhould ſeeme to be ordinarie to the office.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Lionell Duke of Clarence.Lionell Duke of Clarence, ſonne to king Ed|ward the third came ouer into Ireland to be lord Iuſtice there. He was in right of his wife Erle of Vlſter. He publiſhed an inhibition to all of the I|riſh birth, not once to approch his army, nor to be in any wiſe imployed in ſeruice of the warres. He vanquiſhed Obren, but yet ſodenly no man vn|derſtãding how, an hundred of his ſouldiers were wanting, as they lay in gariſon, the loſſe of whõ was thought to be occaſioned by that diſpleaſant decree afore rehearſed: wherevpon he tooke better aduiſe, and receiued the Iriſh into like fauor as o|ther lieutenants had them in before that preſent, ſhewing a tender loue towards them all, & ſo euer after proſpered in his affayres. He created diuerſe knights, as Preſton, now knowne by the name of the familie of Gormaunſton, Holywood, Talbot, E [...]ſar, De la Hide, Patrike, Robert and Iohn de Fraxinis. All theſe being Gentlemen of worthie fame in chiualrie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Eſchequer he remoued to Catherlagh, & beſtowed in furniſhing that towne .v. C. pounds.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1362.1362 Iohn de Saint Paul Arch|biſhop of Dublin departed this life the fifth Ides of September. And in the yeare following was Tho. Minot conſecrated Archbiſhop of yt place.

Compare 1587 edition: 1


The Lorde Winforde lieutenant.

Gerald Fitz Maurice Erle of Deſmond was appoynted Lord iuſtice, vntil the comming of the Lord William Winſore, the firſt lieutenant in Ireland, who came ouer in the yeare .1369.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Winſore called a Parliament at Kil|kenny,


Record Turris A Parliament. A Subſidie.

in the which was graunted to the king a ſubſedie of three thouſand poundes to be leuyed of the people, ſubiects to the king in that land: and in an other Parliament holden by him at Balydoill they graunted two thouſande poundes to be like|wiſe leuyed. Which ſayde ſummes were graun|ted of the mere and free good willes of the No|bles and Communaltie of the lande, towardes the maintenaunce of the Kings expences in his warres. Yet the King in the .xliij. yeare of hys raigne, directing his letters vnto the ſayde Lorde Wynſore, commaunded him to ſucceaſe from leuying the foreſayde money, although after|wardes he commaunded againe that the arrera|ges ſhould be leuyed and payde to his lieutenant the ſayde Winſore.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The third peſtilence in Ireland made away a great number of people in the yeare .1370.

Mortalitie of people.


Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Lord Gerald Fitz Morice Earle of Deſ|mond, and the Lord Iohn Fitz Richard, and the Lorde Iohn Fitz Iohn, and many other noble men, were ſlaine by Obren,Conhur. and Mac Conm [...]d of Thomond in the moneth of Iuly.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1372.


Sir Richarde Aſhton lorde iuſtice.

ſir Richarde Aſhton was ſent ouer to be Lorde Iuſtice in Irelande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare following great warre was rey|ſed betwixt the Engliſh of Meth, and Offerolle,1373 in the whiche manye vppon both ſydes were ſlaine.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In May,Slaughter. the Lorde Iohn H [...]lſey Baron of Galtrim, Iohn Fitz Richarde Sherife of Meth, and William Dallo [...] were ſlain in Kynaleigh.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1375.1375 Thomas Archbiſhop of Dublyn departed this life, and the ſame yere was Robert de Wikeforde conſecrated Archebyſhop there.

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