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3.3. ¶ Richard the ſeconde.

¶ Richard the ſeconde.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EDmonde Mortimer Earle of Marche and Vlſter was made the Kings Lieutenaunt in Irelande.


The Earle of Marche the kings lieu|tenant.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1383. a greate mortalitie raig|ned in that countrey.1383 This was called the fourth peſtilence.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1385. Dublyn bridge fell.1385 Be|ſide Edmond Mortimer Erle of Mar [...]h, Cam|pion affyrmeth, that in this Richard the ſeconds dayes, there are Iuſtices and lieutenants of Ire|lande ſpecially recorded, Roger Mortimer ſonne to the ſayd Edmond, Philip Courtney the kings couſin, Iames Earle of Ormonde, and Robert Vere Erle of Oxford, Marques of Dublyn lorde Chamberlaine, who was alſo created Duke of Irelande by Parliament, and was credited with the whole Dominion of the Realme by graunt for r [...]rme of life, withoute paying anye thing therefore, paſſing all writtes, and placing all of|ficers as Chauncellor, Treaſurer, chiefe Iuſtice, admirall, his owne Lieutenant and other inferi|our charges vnder his owne t [...]ſte.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1390. Robert de Wikeforde Archebiſhoppe of Dublyn departed thys lyfe,1390 and the ſame yeare was Robert Waldeby tranſ|lated vnto the Archebyſhop of Dublyn, an Au|guſtine Frier.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 65


King Richard goeth ouer in| [...]o Irelande.

In the yere .1294. K. Richard ſore afflicted and troubled in minde with ſorrow, for the deceaſe of his wife Queene Anne that departed this life at Whitſuntide laſt paſt, not able without teares to beholde his Palaces and Chambers of eſtate, that repreſented vnto him the ſolace paſt, and doubled his ſorrow, ſought ſome occaſion of buſineſſe: and now about Michaelmaſſe paſſed ouer into Ire|lande, where dyuerſe Lordes and Princes of Vl|ſter renued theyr homages,Roger Morti|mer lord lieu|tenant. Thom. Walſ. and placing Roger Mortimer Erle of March his Lieutenant, retur|ned about Shrouetide.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1397. Richarde de Norſhalis Archebiſhop of Dublyn departed this life,1397 that was the ſame yeare from an other Sea remoued thither. He was a Frier of the order of the of the Carmelites.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The ſame yeare Thomas de Crauly was cho|ſen & conſecrated Archbiſhop of Dublyn. Alſo ſir Thomas de Burgh, & ſir Walter de Birming|ham ſlue .vj. C. Iriſh men,Six hundred Iriſh mẽ ſlain. [...]th their Captaine Macdoun. Moreouer, Edmond Erle of March Lorde Deputie of Irelande, with the ayde of the Erle of Ormond, waſted the countrey of an I|riſh [figure appears here on page 65] Lord called Obren, and at the winning of his chiefe houſe he made .vij. knightes, to wit, ſir Chriſtofer Preſton, ſir Iohn Bedlew, ſir Edmõd Loundris, ſir Iohn Loundris, ſir William Nu|gent, Walter de la Hide, and Robert Cadel. But after this it chaunced, that on the Aſcention day, certaine Iriſh men ſlue .xl. Engliſh men, and a|mong them theſe were accounted as principall, Iohn Fitz William, Thomas Talbot, & Tho|mas Cambry. But ſhortly after Roger Morti|mer Erle of March and Vlſter the kings Lieute|nant was ſlain with diuerſe other, by Obren and other Iriſhmen of Leyniſter at Kenlis. Then was Roger Gray elected Lorde Iuſtice of Ire|land.Roger Gray lord Iuſtice of Ireland. The ſame yere on the feaſt day of S. Marke the Pope, the duke of Surrey landed in Ireland, & with him came ſir Thomas Crauly the Arch|biſhop of Dublin. King Richard informed of the vnruly parts and rebellious ſturres of the Iriſh|men,


King Richard paſſeth the ſe|cõd time ouer into Irelande.

minded to appeaſe the ſame, and ſpecially to reuenge the death of the Erle of March: wherevp|pon with a name of two hundred ſayles he paſ|ſed ouer into Irelande, and landed at Waterford on a Sunday being the morrow after S. Petro|nilla the virgins day.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Fryday after his arriuall at Forde in Kenlis, within the Countie of Kildare, there were ſlaine two. E. Iriſhmen, by Ienicho de Artois a Eaſcoigne, and ſuch Engliſhmen as he had with him: and the morrow after, the Citizens of Du [...]|ling brake into the countrey of Obren, ſlue .xxxiij of the enimies, & tooke .lxxx. men with children.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The .iiij. Kalends of Iuly,The King commeth to Dublyn. king Richard came to Dublin and remayned there for a time, during the which diuerſe Lordes and Princes of the coũ|trey came in and ſubmitted themſelues vnto him, by whom they were curteouſly vſed,See more hereof in England. and trayned to honourable demeanor and [...], as much as the ſhortneſſe of time would permit, as in ye Eng|liſh hiſtorie you may find ſet forth more at large.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Whileſt king Richard thus ſay in Dublin to reduce Ireland vnto due ſubiection, he was ad|uertiſed that Henry duke of Lancaſter, that lately before had bene baniſhed, was returned, and ment to bereaue him of the crown. The ſonne of which Duke, togyther with the Duke of Glouceſters ſonne, the King ſhutte vp wythin the Caſtell of Trim, and then taking the Seas, he returned and landed in Wales, where he founde hys de|fence ſo weake and vnſure, that finally he came into his aduerſaries handes, and was depoſed by authoritie of Parliament, and then was the ſayd Duke of Lancaſter admytted to raigne in hys place.

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