Welcome to Old English Literature: A Hypertext Coursepack. This site is designed to help you study several of the primary texts that have been included in many Old English Courses. A range of resources are available including primary texts with a running glossary and notes, reading lists, translations, contextual information and sources of the poem. There is also a facility to allow you to add comments or additional notes to each of the texts via an online discussion forum. Just select the text you are interested in on the right hand side.

The site is part of a project funded by the English Subject Centre. It was based on an original site by Kate Lindsay and Stuart Lee at Oxford. This site is hosted by the English Faculty at Oxford but is available for anyone to use.

N.B. UK Academics can now download a complete version of this site for them to reuse and change locally from the JORUM repository. We would ask that any reuse of the material is fully credited to this project, however.

This site was originally designed by Mark Faulkner, English Faculty, Oxford; Katharine Lindsay, OUCS; and Dr Stuart Lee, University of Oxford. Online articles added by by Brian Johnsrud (Oxford) and Dr Stuart Lee, 2008. Latest revision, Dr Stuart Lee, summer 2009.

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