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Henrie the sixt, sonne and heire to Henrie the fift.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 _AFter that death had be|reft the world of that no|ble prince king Henrie the fift,1422 Anno Reg. 1. his onelie sonne prince Henrie, being of the age of nine moneths, or thereabouts, with the sound of trumpets was openlie proclamed king of England and France the thirtith daie of August, by the name of Henrie the sixt; in the yeare of the world fiue thousand, three hundred, eightie and nine, after the birth of our Sa|uiour 1422, about the twelfe yeare of the emperour Frederike the third, the fortith and two and last of Charles the sixt, Buchan. lib. 10. and the third yeare of Mordaks regi|ment (after his father Robert) gouernour of Scot|land. The custodie of this yoong prince was appointed to Thomas duke of Excester, & to Henrie Beauford bishop of Winchester. The duke of Bedford was deputed regent of France, and the duke of Glocester was ordeined protectour of England; who taking vpon him that office, called to him wise and graue councellors, by whose aduise he prouided and tooke order as well for the good gouernment of the realme & subiects of the same at home, as also for the main|tenance of the warres abroad, and further con [...]uest to be made in France, appointing valiant and ex|pert capteins, which should be readie, when need re|quired. Besides this, he gathered great summes of monie to mainteine men of warre, and left nothing forgotten that might aduance the good estate of the realme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 While these things were a dooing in England the duke of Bedford regent of France studied most ear|nestlie, not onelie to keepe and well order the coun|tries by king Henrie late conquered; but also deter|mined not to leaue off warre & trauell, till Charles the Dolphin (which was now ass [...]te, because king Charles his father in the moneth of October in this present yeare was departed to God) should either be subdued, or brought to obeisance. And suerlie the death of this king Charles caused alterations in France. For a great manie of the nobilitie, which be|fore, either for feare of the English puissance, or for the loue of this king Charles (whose authoritie they followed) held on the English part, did now reuolt to the Dolphin, with all indeuour to driue the English nation out of the French territories. Whereto they were the more earnestlie bent, and thought it a thing of greater facilitie, because of king Henries yoong yeares; whome (because he was a child) they estéemed not, but with one consent reuolted from their sworne fealtie: as the recorder of the Englishmens battels with forren nations verie aptlie doth note, saieng:

Hîc Franci puerum regem neglectui habentes
Desciscunt, violátque fidem gens perfida sacro
Consilio ante datam.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The duke of Bedford being greatlie mooued with these sudden changes, fortified his townes both with garrisons of men, munition, and vittels, assembled also a great armie of Englishmen and Normans, and so effectuouslie exhorted them to continue faith|full to their liege and lawfull lord yoong king Hen|rie that manie of the French capteins willinglie sware to king Henrie fealtie and obedience, by whose example the communaltie did the same. Thus the people quieted, and the countrie established in order, nothing was minded but warre, and nothing spoken of but conquest.

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