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Henrie the fourth, cousine germane to Richard the second, latelie depriued.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 _WHen king Richard had re|signed (as before is specified) the scepter and crowne; Hen|rie Plantagenet borne at Bullingbroke in the countie of Lincolne, duke of Lanca|ster and Hereford, earle of Derbie, Leicester, and Lin|colne, sonne to Iohn of Gant duke of Lancaster, with generall consent both of the lords & commons, was published, proclamed, and declared king of England and of France, and lord of Ireland, the last daie of September, in the yeare of the world 5366, of our Lord 1399, of the reigne of the emperour Wenceslaus the two and twentith, of Charles the sixt king of France the twentith, and the tenth of Robert the third king of Scots. After that king Ri|chard had surrendered his title, and dispossessed him|selfe (which Chr. Okl. noteth in few words, saieng:

—post breue tempusIn Angl. praelijs.
Exüit insigni sese diademate, sceptrum
Henrico Lancastrensi regale relinquens)
King Henrie made certeine new officers.New officers made. And first in right of his earledome of Leicester he gaue the office of high steward of England (belonging to the same earledome) vnto his second sonne the lord Thomas, who by his fathers commandement exer|cised that office, being assisted (by reason of his ten|der age) by Thomas Persie earle of Worcester. The earle of Northumberland was made constable of England: sir Iohn Scirlie lord chancellor, Iohn Norburie esquier lord treasuror, sir Richard Clifford EEBO page image 510 lord priuie seale.The pa [...]lemẽt new sũmoned. Forsomuch as by king Richards re|signation and the admitting of a new king, all plées in euerie court and place were ceased, and without daie discontinued, new writs were made for sum|moning of the parlement vnder the name of king Henrie the fourth, the same to be holden, as before was appointed,Record Tu [...]is. on mondaie next insuing. Upon the fourth day of October, the lord Thomas second sonne to the king sat as lord high steward of England by the kings commandement in the White-hall of the kings palace at Westminster, and as belonged to his office, he caused inquirie to be made what offices were to be exercised by anie maner of persons the daie of the kings coronation, and what fées were be|longing to the same, causing proclamation to be made, that what noble man or other that could claime anie office that daie of the solemnizing the kings coronation, they should come and put in their bils cõprehending their demands. Whervpon diuers offices & fees were claimed,Claiming of offices at the coronation. as well by bils as other|wise by spéech of mouth, in forme as here insueth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 First, the lord Henrie the kings eldest sonne, to whome he as in right of his duchie of Lancaster had appointed that office, claimed to beare before the king the principall sword called Curtana,Curtana. and had his sute granted.The earle of Summerset. Iohn erle of Summerset, to whom the king as in right of his earledome of Lincolne, had granted to be caruer the daie of his coronation, and had it confirmed. Henrie Persie earle of Nor|thumberland,The earle of Northum|berland. and high constable of England, by the kings grant claimed that office, and obteined it to inioy at pleasure.The Ile of Man. The same earle in right of the Ile of Man, which at that present was granted to him, and to his heires by the king, claimed to beare on the kings left side a naked sword, with which the king was girded, when before his coronation he entered as duke of Lancaster into the parts of Holdernesse,Lancaster sword. which sword was called Lancasters sword. Rafe erle of Westmerland, and earle marshall of England, by the kings grant claimed the same office,The earle of Westmerland. and obteined it, notwithstanding that the attornies of the duke of Norfolke, presented to the lord steward their petiti|on on the dukes behalfe,The duke of Norffolke. as earle marshall, to exer|cise the same. Sir Thomas Erpingham knight exercised the office of lord great Chamberleine,Sir Thomas Erpingham. and gaue water to the king when he washed, both before and after dinner, hauing for his fées, the bason, ewer, and towels, with other things whatsoeuer belong|ing to his office: notwithstanding Auberie de Ueer earle of Oxenford put in his petitions to haue that office as due vnto him from his ancestors.The earle of Warwike. Thomas Beauchampe earle of Warwike by right of inheri|tance, bare the third sword before the king, and by like right was pantler at the coronation. Sir Wil|liam Argentine knight,Sir William Argentine. by reason of the tenure of his manour of Wilmundale in the countie of Hert|ford, serued the king of the first cup of drinke which he tasted of at his dinner the daie of his coronation: the cup was of siluer vngilt, which the same knight had for his fées: notwithstanding the petition which Iuon Fitzwarren presented to the lord steward,Iuon Fitz|warren. re|quiring that office in right of his wife the ladie Maud, daughter and heire to sir Iohn Argentine knight.The lord Furniuall. Sir Thomas Neuill lord Furniuall, by rea|son of his manour of Ferneham, with the hamlet of Cere, which he held by the courtesie of England after the decesse of his wife, the ladie Ione decessed, gaue to the king a gloue for his right hand, and susteined the kings right arme so long as he bare the scepter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The lord Graie.The lord Reginald Graie of Ruthen, by reason of his manour of Ashleie in Norfolke couered the tables, and had for his fees all the tableclothes, as well those in the hall, as else-where, when they were taken vp; notwithstanding a petition exhibited by sir Iohn Draiton to haue had that office.Great sp [...]s. The same lord Graie of Ruthen, bare the kings great spurs before him in the time of his coronation by right of inheri|tance, as heire to Iohn Hastings earle of Penbroke. Iohn erle of Summerset,The second sword. by the kings assignement bare the second sword before him at his coronation, albeit that the said lord Graie of Ruthen by petition exhibited before the lord steward demanded the same office, by reason of his castell & tower of Penbroke, and of his towne of Denbigh. Thomas earle of A|rundell cheefe butler of England,The earle of Arundell. obteined to exer|cise that office the daie of the coronation, and had the fées thereto belonging granted to him, to wit, the goblet with which the king was serued, and other things to that his office apperteining (the vessels of wine excepted) that laie vnder the bar, which were ad|iudged vnto the said lord steward, the said earle of A|rundels claime notwithstanding.

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