Line 21 - fuse

The meaning of this word is unclear in this context. The usual sense is "ready, eager, hastening" (especially towards death) but these do not make good sense when applied to the cross. M&R gloss as "shining/brilliant" but offer no justification for this. It has been suggested that the use of "fuse" to describe the movement of the sun has caused the adjective to gain the sense of a different attribute of the sun, its brightness. Alternatively the strong connection between "fuse" and movement towards death may suggest some meaning of "symbol of eagerly desired death". None of the translations make very good sense of this verse. The word is used in its normal sense in l.57b and the verb "afysed" at 125a. Given the extent to which this poems echoes words and phrases to indicate significant parallels, the adjective may have been deliberately chosen to create the parallel between the Cross, the disciples and the dreamer.