Scandinavian words in Maldon: 'grið' (l. 35), 'garræs' (l. 32), 'þon' (l. 33), 'hilde dælan' (l. 33), 'wæpna neotan' (l. 308), 'drenga' (l. 149), 'syllan…sylfra dom' (l. 38). Griffith (1998) noted that many of the words we would associate with an eastern or south-eastern dialect of Old English cluster in the speeches of Byrhtnoth or Leofsunu, e.g. 'gofol' (l. 61), 'ættrynne' (l. 47), 'stynt' (l. 51), 'gealgan' (l. 52), 'trym' (l. 247). Scragg (1981) interpretted these words as evidence that the whole poem was composed in Essex or Kent, but Griffith suggests that the words give deliberate dialectal colouring to the speech of particular characters.