Line 137

'Eadmund' - Very little is known about Edmund's reign. M-R note that later sources record Edward ascending to the throne in 855 at the age of 14. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (A) records his death in 869.
Ælfric draws his description of Edmund's character from Abbo. It has been suggested that Abbo's characterisation of Edmund was intended as a 'mirror for princes' for King Æthelred 'the Unready', similar to his later works, Liber Apologeticus and Collectio Canonorum, which defined royal powers and duties for the Capetian kings, Hugh and Robert the Pious.

Notice also that Ælfric begins to use his distinctive rhythmical prose at this point, with its regular use of alliteration. Skeat chose to present this style lineated as if it were modern verse.