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Thus much concerning the two earles, the father departed, and the sonne suruiuing, of whose procée|ding in the steps of his father, there is no doubt but within few yeares the world shall haue iust cause (as there is present hope) to beare witnesse: whome in all his attempts we will leaue to such fortunat suc|cesse, as God the giuer thereof shall vouchsafe to pro|uide and affoord.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The tenth of Nouember a proclamation wasA proclamati|on for the f [...]e traffike of merchants as before, &c. published for the frée traffike of merchants to be re|stored as had béen accustomed in times past betwixt the kingdoms and countries of the quéenes maiestie of England and the king of Portingall, which traf|fike had been discontinued by reson of certeine staies and arrests made of diuerse subiects on both parts, with their goods & ships. But now it was accorded in name of both their maiesties, that all maner of both their subiects of what kingdome or countrie so euer they be, from the fiftéenth of the said moneth, might vse the like mutuall traffike for merchandizes, and in the same places: that is to saie, hir maiesties subiects in the kingdomes of Portingale & Algarbia, and in the Iles of Medera and Azore: and likewise the sub|iects of the king of Portingale in England and Ire|land, as they were lawfullie accustomed before the said arrests. This restitution of the said traffike to remaine from the said fifteenth daie of Nouember in this yeare one thousand, fiue hundred, seauentie and six, during the space of thrée yeares next insuing. At the end of which terme, if by the said princes in the meane time it be not otherwise prouided for conti|nuance of the said traffike to indure perpetuallie, no new arrests shall be made of anie things brought into the kingdoms and Iles aforesaid, of either of the said princes during the time of the said thrée yeares. It was further agréed by the said princes for the more sure preseruation of the amitie and friend|ship betwixt them, their said realmes and subiects, that neither of them shall receiue anie pirat or rouer into anie of the ports or créeks of either of their realmes, dominions, and countries, which may or shall haue committed anie pirasie or robberie vpon either of their subiects, nor shall shew anie fauour, giue anie aid or succor, or suffer anie to be giuen di|rectlie or indirectlie to the said rouers or pirats. Nei|ther shall they during the time of the said amitie, in either of their kingdoms, or anie place of their do|minions, fauour, interteine, receiue or reteine, nor suffer to be fauoured, interteined, receiued, or retei|ned by anie of their subiects, anie rebels, traitors, or fugitiues, subiects to either of them.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thus farre haue I continued this collection of the English histories, noting breefelie in these later yeares, such things as I find in the abridgement of Richard Grafton, and in the summarie of Iohn Stow, increased somewhat (as may appeare) in places with such helpes as haue come to my hand; humblie beseeching the reader to accept the same in good part, and to pardon me where I haue not satis|fied his expectation: sith heerein I must confesse, I haue nothing contented my selfe, but yet at the request of others haue doone what I could & not what I would, for want of conference with such as might haue furnished me with more large instructions, such as had beene neces|sarie for the purpose.

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