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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 On the sixtéenth of Iulie, Rebecca Chamber, late wife to Thomas Chamber of Heriettesham,A woman burnt at Maidston for poisoning. was found culpable of poisoning the said Thomas Cham|ber hir husband, at the assises holden at Maidstone in the countie of Kent. For the which fact she (hauing well deserued) was there burnt on the next morrow. The seuenth of September, the duke of Norffolke was remooued from the Charterhouse,

Duke of Norffolke sent to the tower.

Bishop of Sa+lisburie de|ceassed.

to the tower of London prisoner. The two and twentith of Sep|tember deceassed Iohn Iewell bishop of Salisbu|rie, in his life a most eloquent and diligent preacher, but a far more painefull and studious writer, as his workes remaining doo beare witnesse, wherby his fame shall neuer die. The ninth of Nouember, a sermon was preached in Paules church at London,A sermon in Paules church for victorie a|gainst the Turkes. by maister William Foulks of Cambridge, to giue thanks to almightie God for the victorie, which of his mercifull clemencie it had pleased him to grant to the christians in the Leuant seas, against the com|mon enimies of our faith, the Turks, the seuenth of October last past. His theame was taken out of the sixtéenth psalme of Dauids psalter, the fourth verse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 There were present at this sermon, the lord maior of London sir William Allen, with the aldermen and craftsmen in their liueries.The assemblie at this sermõ. And in the euening there were bonefiers made through the citie, with banketting and great reioising, as good cause there was, for a victorie of so great importance vnto the whole state of the christian common-wealth. In the which were taken one hundred and thirtie vessels, Contareno. that is, one hundred and seuentéene gallies, and thir|téene galleots, beside other vessels that were bou|ged, abandoned, and let go at large abroad in the seas, as gallies, foists, and galleots, to the number of fourescore, or thereabouts. And of their chiefe|teins slaine in that bloudie battell, these we find by name as principall:Principals among the Turkes slaine. Halie Bassa high admerall of the whole nauie, Amar Beie capteine of the Ianis|saries, Assan Beie the sonne of Barbarossa, with his sonne Mehemet Beie gouernor of Mitellene, Gider Beie gouernour of Chio, Capsan Beie go|uernour of the Rhodes, Peruis Aga gouernour of Affrica otherwise Mahomeda, Mustafa Scelu|bie high treasuror, Affis Clueaga capteine of Gal|lipolie, Tramontana chiefe maister of the Tur|kish EEBO page image 1227 emperours owne gallie, Caracoza, and also ma|nie others, whose names were too long to rehearse: but the whole number that were slaine of the Turks could not be perfectlie knowne, by reason that ma|nie were drowned in the sea, which came not to sight.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The whole number of the slaine. Bizari. Contareno. Some yet affirme, that there were slaine of them in all, to the number of one and twentie thousand, although other speake but of fifteene thousand. But Contareno writeth, that there were slaine and ta|ken 29990. Of which number he reckoneth 3846 to haue remained prisoners, and among them were these persons of name, Mahemet Beie, Sainus Beie, Bizari. and Sirocho Beie. There escaped yet from this discomfiture, Partau, generall of all the men of warre and souldiors by land,Persons that escaped from this discom|fiture. Ochialie, Murate Raie with his sonne, and Hali Genouese, and with them about fortie gallies, foists, and fregats. More|ouer, there were found in the Turkish gallies that came into the hands of the christians,Booties that fell into the christians hands. one hundred and sixteene double canons, two hundred sixtie and fiue demie canons, and sixtéene other great peeces of brasse. For it is to be remembred, that not one|lie the Turkish gallies, but also the christians were throughlie armed, furnished, and appointed with men, munition, and ordinance in euerie behalfe.

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