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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But now to returne to the earle of Sussex, who hauing instituted sir William Drurie generall of those bands that should passe with the earle of Lennox into Scotland: bicause each gentleman,The lord lieu|tenants orati|on implieng obedience of the souldiors to their new generall. souldior, and seuerall bands should dutifullie obeie the said sir William their new ordeined generall in all points of warlike order, the said earle made an oration in such pithie forme and manner, as through|lie expressed the whole substance of the seruice, the vnsuertie of the season, the strange and malicious dealing of diuerse aduersaries: which points he so cunninglie handled, as the excellencie of a perfect orator appeared fullie in his speach. At whose elo|quence the herers rather séemed astonied than vnsa|tisfied in anie point or parcell of those matters: for he opened the verie bowels of rebellion, the practises of enimies, and suborning of traitors: and therefore persuaded euerie honest mind to haue a dutifull con|sideration of his prince and countrie, in the defense and libertie whereof, both life, lands, and goods, are al|waies to be offered.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After which oration in respect of further aduance|ment as the custome is (for seruice past,Knights made by the earle of Sus|sex. and incou|ragement to procéed in the like worthie dooings) he made these knights: Sir William Drurie, sir Tho|mas Manners, sir George Careie, and sir Robert Constable, and placing the said sir William Dru|rie the appointed generall in full authoritie, he com|mitted them to God, and the good conduct of their chéefeteine. Now hauing heard the lord lieutenant thus speake, and séeing the means that he vsed to in|courage them against the enimie; how could they one with another but vow in mind, euen with the hazzard of their hearts, to performe to their power no lesse than he in speech implied? How could they (I saie) but venture life and lim, hauing so often séene the perillous enterprises which he himselfe vnder|tooke against forren hostilitie, as to his owne danger so to the high praise of his heroicall prowesse: and not without desert, as one verie well noteth, saieng:

—satrapas praeclarus, fortis & audax,
Elisabetha tui speciosi corporis acerComes Sussexi [...] Camerarius.
Et fidus custos, discrimen adire paratus
Quodlibet, inuicto Mauortis pectore campo.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The same daie being the eleuenth of Maie, diuerse foot bands with shot and armed pikes were set for|ward into Scotland, with certeine péeces of artille|rie, powder, and munition in good quantitie. First capteine Brickwell with his ensignes departed the towne, and then the companies of capteine Read, capteine Caruell, capteine Game, capteine Lam|berd, and capteine Erington. These old bands of Barwike conteined fiue hundred souldiours.

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