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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About two of the clocke they within sent foorth a trumpet vnto the lord lieutenant,The Scots sue for a re|spit of war. requiring a respit that they might talke with the marshall master Dru|rie, and to send a messenger to the lord Hume their master, to know his further pleasure: for that being put in trust by him with the kéeping of that fortresse, they could not giue it vp without his consent. And then vpon the returne of the messenger, they trusted to giue his lordship contented answer. The marshall master Drurie talked with them twise, and the lord lieutenant was contented to grant vnto William Trotter,The capteins within Hume castell. and Gilbert Greie the lord Humes wiues brother (being principall capteins appointed to the kéeping of the said castell) three houres respit: with condition, that they should not vse therein anie sub|tiltie, or for the delaieng of time: swearing by his honour, that if they so did,The lord lieutenant sweareth. he would not depart the field till he had woone it by force: and further, that there should not one of them escape with life.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 They being brought in doubt of their owne safe|ties hereby, sent one in post togither with a seruant of master Druries the marshall, to the lord Hume. And presentlie heerevpon they shewed themselues vpon the walles and rampires of the said castell: but immediatlie the lord lieutenant sent to them a com|mandement, strictlie inhibiting them, that not one of them should once on paine of death looke ouer the wals or rampires,The lord lieutenants commande|ment on pain [...] of death. to the end to view the breach of the batterie, forsomuch as in the time of parlée it was against the law of armes so to doo. But now the messenger that was thus sent to the lord Hume, com|ming to him, declared i [...] what case his house and people stood, who being (as was supposed) not so farre off, but that he might heare how lustilie the Eng|lish canons did canuasse and batter his Humish ca|stell walles, did now agrée to méet the marshall ma|ster Drurie two miles distant from the said ca|stell, and there to commune further with him in that matter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Upon the comming backe of the messenger with this answer, the lord lieutenant thought good to send the said master Drurie vnto the place appoin|ted: who comming thither met with the said lord Hume. And after they had debated the matter togi|ther, at length the lord Hume was contented that the castell should be surrendered into the hands of the lord lieutenant; with condition, that his people therein might depart with life: which the lord lieute|nant was contented to grant, so that there we [...] n [...] English men among them.The castell of Hume deliue|red to the marshall. Héerevpon about eight of the clocke in the euening, the gates were ope|ned, and the keies deliuered to the marshall, who presented them to the lord lieutenant: and then the lord Hunnesdon, the said marshall, and diuerse other gentlemen entered into the castell, and by & by tooke EEBO page image 1216 possession thereof in the quéene of Englands name, pulled downe their banner of defiance, and in place thereof set vp the English banners, against all those in Scotland that would saie the contrarie.

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