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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The fourth and fift of Ianuarie did suffer at Durham to the number of thrée score and six, cone|stables and others,Rebelles executed at Durham. amongst whome the alderman of the towne and a priest called parson Plomtrée were the most notable. Then sir george Bowes being made marshall, finding manie to be fautors in the foresaid rebellion, did sée them executed in diuerse places of the countrie.A prentise hanged in London for killing his maister. The one and twentith of Ia|nuarie a prentise of London was hanged on a gibet at the north end of Finch lane in London (to the ex|ample of others) for that he the thirteenth of Decem|ber had striken his maister with a knife whereof he died.

Rich. Grafton. Lord Leo|nard Dacres rebelleth.About the later end of Ianuarie, Leonard Da|cres of Harleseie began to rebell, and procured the people of the north parts to assist him: so that he rai|sed to the number of thrée thousand men. Of whose attempts when the lord Hunsdon lord warden of the east marches, and gouernor of Berwike heard, he prepared to go against him: and hauing with him sir Iohn Forster lord warden of the middle marches, they set forward towards the place where they thought they should find him. They had with them 300 chosen soldiors of the garrison of Berwike, and twelue hundred borderers, and other of the garrisons there about the borders: so that they were in all fif|téene hundred footmen and horssemen. They mar|ching therewith foorth approched néere to a towne and castell called Naworth,The lord Dacres rea|die with his power to set vpon the lord of Hunsdon. which was in the kéeping of the said Leonard Dacres. And vpon a moore, through the middle whereof a litle riuer called Chelt hath his course, the said Leonard Dacres the two and twen|tith of Februarie was readie with his power in or|der of battell, ranged & set in arraie after the forme of a triangle, compassed and inuironed about with horssemen. And now vpon the lord Hunsdons ap|proch, the said Dacres with great and stout courage gaue an hardie onset vpon the said lord Hunsdon and his companie, neere vnto the foresaid riuer.

The fight was sharpe and cruell, and the euent verie doubtfull for a while: the rebels were so stiffelie bent to doo their vttermost indeuor in defense of their wicked quarrell. There were amongst them manie desperat women that gaue the aduenture of their liues,Stout wo|men among the rebels. and fought right stoutlie. Manie therfore were slaine on both sides, to the number at the least of three hundred persons. But such was the forward valian|cie of the lord Hunsdon, that his people incoraged by his example (whome they might see so noblie acquit himselfe, in aduenturing so farre as anie other of the whole troope) behaued themselues in such manfull wise, that the victorie in the end fell to him and his companie: and the said Leonard Dacres was forced to flée from his séelie slaine and miserable people,Leonard Da|cres put to flight taketh his waie into Scotland. ta|king his waie into Scotland, so fast as his horsse might beare him. Capteine Reade and the other capteins and soldiors of Berwike bare themselues right valiantlie, and shewed proofe of their skill and hardie manhood in this skirmish. After the which these holds and castels were taken and deliuered vn|to the said lord Hunsdon: Naworth which was com|mitted vnto the kéeping of maister Scroope, Kest|wood, Greistocke and Rockleie, which were deliuered to the kéeping of diuerse of the duke of Norffolks officers.

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