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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 And departing from thence on the fourth of Au|gust, he passed by Stoan & Cremz, by the said riuer of Danow, and so arriued at the citie of Uienna the fift of August in this foresaid yeare 1567, where hée was receiued of the lord Smeckouites, hauing twelue horsses readie with their footclothes for his lordship, and the most respected of his traine, and so brought him to the presence of the emperour,The emperor interteineth the earle of Sussex. at that present within his castell there in that citie, by whom he was right honourablie receiued, and afterwards conducted to his assigned lodging, where as all pro|uision was prepared and made at the emperours charges. Here his lordship continued till the foure|téenth of Ianuarie. In which meane time the empe|rour verie often (as time serued) had the said earle foorth with him, vnto such pastimes of hunting the hart, boare, and such like, as the plentifulnesse of that countrie yéeldeth. Moreouer, during the time of his lordships abode there at Uienna,Charles duke of Austria & the earle of Sussex salute each other. Charles archduke of Austria and Carinth arriued in that citie, whom my lord went to salute.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, vpon the quéenes maiesties letters brought out of England by maister Henrie Brooke, aliàs Cobham, one of hir gentlemen pensioners, the said earle of Sussex vpon sundaie the fourth of Ia|nuarie in the after noone, presented and deliuered vnto the emperours maiestie in his chamber of pre|sence, the habiliments and ornaments of the most noble order of the garter, sir Gilbert Dethike knight aliàs Garter, principall king of arms, and officer for the said order, and William Dethike then Rouge|crosse, also officer of armes, giuing their attendance in their cotes of armes. And the emperour at his in|uesture of the said habiliments, gaue vnto the said Garter his short gowne and vnder garment, furred throughout with luzerns, and then proceeded thence into a great chamber, adorned in forme of a chappell, where as all the other ceremonies belonging vnto the said noble order were obserued and accompli|shed. And the same night the said earle supped with the emperours maiestie, both being in their robes of the said order.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Now shortlie after,The earle of Sussex depar|teth from Uienna, &c. his lordship with certeine of his companie taking leaue of the emperour, depar|ted from Uienna the fourtéenth of Ianuarie afore|said vnto Newstat, and so through the countrie of Stire vnto Gra [...]z the chiefe citie of Carinth, where he tooke also leaue of the said archduke Charles: and from thence returning, passed those parts of the Alpes vnto Saltzburgh, where he met with the other part of his traine, and so by continuing iourneies came againe into England to the queenes maiestie towards the latter end of March. Iohn Stow. Anno Reg. 10. A sharpe win|ter following a drie summer. After a drie sum|mer folowed an extreme sharpe winter, namelie the EEBO page image 1211 latter part therof, with such great scarsitie of fodder and haie, that in diuerse places the same was sold by weight, as in Yorkeshire, and in the Peake of Dar|bishire, where a stone of haie was sold for fiue pence. There followed also a great death of cattell, namelie of horsse and sheepe.

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