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Standing watch at mid|summer main|tained in London.

The emperor Ma [...]imilian inuested into the order of the garter.

On saint Iohns euen at night was the like stan|ding watch in London, as had beene on saint Pe|ters euen in the yeare last before mentioned. This yeare the emperour Maximilian the second of that name, being elected into the most honourable order of the garter, the right honourable Thomas earle of Sussex, &c: knight of the same most noble order, was appointed by the quéenes maiestie to go vnto the said emperour, with the said order of the garter, according to his said election. Who being honorablie accompanied with the lord North, sir Thomas Mildmaie knight, Henrie Cobham esquier, one of the pensioners, and others, departed from London the fiue and twentith of Iune 1567, vnto Douer, and there imbarked, landed at Calis, and his traine at Dunkirke, and so passed through the low countries to Antwerpe in Brabant, where he was honoura|blie receiued by the English merchants and others,The earle of Susse [...] visi|teth madame de Parma. and being there went to visit madame de Parma, regent of the said countries, then resident within the same towne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 From thence he passed vnto Colen, where as his lordship and traine mounted the riuer of Rhene, & by sundrie continuall daies iourneies passed by the ci|tie of Ments or Magunce, vnto Oppenham, & there taking his waie by land, passed through the countrie by the cities of Wormes and Spires till he came to Ulmes, standing on the riuer of Danow, where hée arriued the one and twentith of Iulie: and the thrée and twentith his lordship rode in post to Auspurge, called in Latine Augusta Vindelicorum, nine Dutch miles from Ulmes.The iournies of the earle of Sussex du|ring his abode beyond the seas. From thence he departed the fiue and twentith of Iulie, and met with his traine at Donwert, being come thither vpon flotes downe by the said riuer of Danow. From thence he kept vpon his iourneie by Ingolstat, Reinspurge, in La|tine Ratisbona, by Passaw and other townes, till hée came to Linz, where his lordship staied the first, se|cond and third of August, by reason of the high wa|ters.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 And departing from thence on the fourth of Au|gust, he passed by Stoan & Cremz, by the said riuer of Danow, and so arriued at the citie of Uienna the fift of August in this foresaid yeare 1567, where hée was receiued of the lord Smeckouites, hauing twelue horsses readie with their footclothes for his lordship, and the most respected of his traine, and so brought him to the presence of the emperour,The emperor interteineth the earle of Sussex. at that present within his castell there in that citie, by whom he was right honourablie receiued, and afterwards conducted to his assigned lodging, where as all pro|uision was prepared and made at the emperours charges. Here his lordship continued till the foure|téenth of Ianuarie. In which meane time the empe|rour verie often (as time serued) had the said earle foorth with him, vnto such pastimes of hunting the hart, boare, and such like, as the plentifulnesse of that countrie yéeldeth. Moreouer, during the time of his lordships abode there at Uienna,Charles duke of Austria & the earle of Sussex salute each other. Charles archduke of Austria and Carinth arriued in that citie, whom my lord went to salute.

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