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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 The first of Iulie about midnight, they issued foorth of their trenches, and skirmished with the English scouts, droue them vnder the bulworke of saint Addresses, and there perceiuing that the English|men had a priuie sallie out, after a long skirmish they retired. They had meant to haue set the mils belonging to the towne on fire: but they had such plaie made them, that about thrée of the clocke in the morning, they became to be quiet, and left the Eng|lishmen in rest, hauing doone to them little or no hurt at all. The great ordinance on both sides was not idle, whilest this skirmish was in hand. The se|cond EEBO page image 1203 and third of Iulie,Six hundred ou [...] of North|folke, and thrée hundred out of Suffolke. there landed nine hundred souldiors that came foorth of Northfolke and Suf|folke, yellow clokes and blew clokes verie well ap|pointed, hauing to their capteins Ferdinando Lig|gens, Philip Sturleie, Iohn Highfield, and Edward Driuer. Also there came the same time fiftie carpen|ters, sixtéene sawyers, and eight smiths in hir works. Moreouer, on the third daie of Iulie, about ten of the clocke at night, the French gaue a great alarum to the towne, beat in the scouts: but incon|tinentlie issued foorth fiue hundred souldiors out at the sallieng place, vnder the gréene bulworke, and beat the Frenchmen backe into their trenches, and kept them waking all that night.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 Capteine Sanders hurt and di|eth.The same time, capteine Sanders was hurt with a shot in the leg, whereof he shortlie after died: other losse at that time the Englishmen receiued not. The fift of Iulie, a proclamation was made for souldiors to resort in time of alarums, vnto that part & quar|ter, which was assigned to their capteins, and not to absent themselues from their ensignes, whether it were at alarums, watch, ward, or other seruice. The sixt of Iulie,Ordinance planted and discharged in great num|bers. about thrée of the clocke in the mor|ning, the enimies planted thrée canons, and thrée culuerings, discharging that morning to the num|ber of foure score and ten shots: but perceiuing they did little hurt, they staied their shooting, sauing that now and then they shot into the bulworke, and ouer it into the towne: they also leuelled a péece, and shot it off towards the new gallie, slue therein two men, and hurt thrée or foure other. The same daie, a canon and a culuering were sent foorth of the towne to the new fort. The twelfe of Iulie, about foure of the clocke in the morning, the French laid batterie to the bulworke of saint Addresses, continuing the same all that daie.The ordi|nance in the stéeple dis|mounted. They also dismounted the same daie the ordinance in the stéeple of Newhauen, and beat downe the great bell, cleane defacing the stéeple. They discharged that daie against the towne (as was gathered by due estimation) to the number of twelue hundred canon shot.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 William Ro|binson killed. William Bromfield hurt.The same euening was William Robinson esqui|er, waterbailife of the towne of Newhauen slaine with a shot; and also William Bromfield maister of the ordinance hurt with the same, and being con|ueied ouer into England, he shortlie after died of that hurt. The fourtéenth of Iulie, sir Hugh Pau|let knight landed at Newhauen, bringing with him eight hundred souldiors out of Wiltshire and Glo|cestershire.A new sup|plie of Wilt|shire and Glo|cestershire men. The same daie came the Frenchmen downe to the number of three thousand, euen hard to the gates of the towne, beating the Englishmen out of their trenches: but yet in the end, they were forced to retire, and of Englishmen there were not past twentie slaine, and about an hundred hurt. But the Frenchmen (as was estéemed) lost aboue foure hundred horssemen and footemen, albeit they tooke from the Englishmen at that present a culuering, which was set foorth to annoie them. But their force at that time was such, as they preuailed, & so retired with that peece, though they well paied for it. The same daie also in the after noone, the little galeasse called the Fox, went out of the hauen, fraught with fiftie men, to flanke alongst the shore, and to beate the Frenchmen with hir shot; but as she was shoo|ting off at them, a linnen stocke fell into a barrell of powder and set it on fire togither with the vessell,The galeasse burnt by ca|su [...]ltie. so that she suddenlie sanke, and all that were aboord in hir were lost, sauing fiftéene that saued themselues by swimming.

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