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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But now concerning the articles of the peace, being about thirtéene in all,The articles of the peace at the siege of Leith. the chéefest may séeme to rest héerein, that the French souldiours and men of warre should depart out of the realme of Scot|land within a short time limited of twentie daies, as Ludouico Guiciardini hath noted; six score of them onlie excepted, as thrée score to abide in Insketh, and thrée score in the castell of Dunbar, they to be answered their wages at the hands of the estates of Scotland, and to be subiect vnto the lawes and ordinances of that realme. That the fortifications about Leith should be razed and demolished: and likewise the fort which had béene built and raised before the castell of Dunbar by the French, for a strength thereto. That the Frenchmen should not conueie into Scot|land anie men of warre, or munitions without con|sent of the parlement assembled of thrée estates of that realme. That the king and quéene of France & Scotland should not frõ thensefoorth beare the arms of England, sith the same apperteined onelie to the queens maiestie of England and to no other person.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 These and other articles were comprised and esta|blished in the conclusion of this peace,The end of this peace thus con|cluded. as well to the honour and suertie of the quéenes maiestie of Eng|land, hir realmes, dominions, and subiects, as also for the wealth and preseruation of the realme of Scot|land,Sée more her|of in Scotlãd pag. 374. the nobles and other subiects of that realme. After that this peace then was fullie established, a|gréed, and concluded, the Frenchmen were imbar|ked at Leith in English vessels; those onelie excep|ted that were appointed to remaine as pledges with the Englishmen till the ships came backe againe, and a few other that were permitted to passe through England into their countrie.The commen [...]dation of the foresaid con|cluded peace. Thus were the French forces remooued out of Scotland, a matter so much importing to the confirmation of peace betwixt vs and that realme, and also to the auoiding of further perils, that this iournie ended with so honorable and profitable a peace, concluded by the high industrie and prudent policie of our quéenes maiesties com|missioners afore mentioned, may be accompted one of the most necessarie expeditions, and most benefi|ciall seruices that had béene made and put in practise in manie yeares before. T. Church|yard. For the quéenes maiestie (as some haue trulie written) had not onlie hir chiefe desire, by remoouing of the French hir dangerous neighbors,The quéene [...] meaning in remoouing [...] French out [...] Scotland. that were about to nestle themselues so neare hir elbow: but also a perfect peace with the Scots was therby procured, like to continue manie yeares (if the said Scots shall not seeke their owne wo) being full vnable to aduantage themselues by warres against vs, as to the wiser and best sort of them I trust is not vnknowne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But to leaue the further consideration of the be|nefit that may grow herof to this realme, vnto their iudgements that haue riper heads to vnderstand the same: I will procéed, and herewith make an end of this matter, concerning the siege of Leith. After that the Frenchmen were departed, and the forts a|bout Leith and Dunbar razed and demolished, accor|ding to the couenants of peace,The quéenes armie reuoke out of Scot|land. the quéenes maiestie called backe hir armie without reteining anie péece within Scotland to hir owne vse. In which honora|ble and vpright dealing, she wan more fame and esti|mation, than if she had seized and kept in hir possessi|on halfe the realme of Scotland: speciallie regar|ding the perplexed state of the people by war, which she redressed by the establishment of peace, a thing which she alwaies loued, as the contrarie she mor|tallie hated: as one hath noted of hir grace, saieng:

Virgo pacis amans, quae stat contraria bellis.

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