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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The same night, maister Francis Summerset and other capteins were appointed to kéepe a [...]ort built aboue the campe; and now finished, tooke name of him being capteine thereof, and was after called Summersets mount. The same daie a souldiour of capteine Druries band was hanged for going to Edenburgh, contrarie to a proclamation,Summerse [...] mount. inhibi|ting anie soldiour so to doo without speciall licence. Wednesdaie the two and twentith of Maie, sir Pe|ter Carew came to the campe,Sir Peter Carew sen [...] from the court. being sent from the court. Thursdaie the foure and twentith of Maie at seuen of the clocke at night, the French sallied foorth to the number of two hundred footmen, and twentie EEBO page image 1192 horssemen, at the reléefe of the warders when the watch should be set, meaning (as it appeared) to haue woone the trenches from the Englishmen. Wherevp|on a sore skirmish followed, [...] wherein [...] French [...]. diuerse slaine, and manie hurt on both parties: yet in the end the Frenchmen were driuen home by plaine force. This was at the west side of the towne, where they had fortified to|wards the sea.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The same daie the Frenchmen of Dunbar tooke an English hoie laden with double béere, [...] English [...] taken. béefe, oxen, and s [...]itches of bacon. Saturdaie the eight of Iune, sir Iohn Neuill with three hundred men, capteine Bridges, and capteine Drurie, with other thrée hun|dred, set from Barwike towards the campe, where they arriued on mondaie the tenth of Iune, [...] quéene Dowager [...] life. on which daie the queene Dowager departed this life. The thirtéenth of Iune, sir William Cicill, principall secretarie to the queenes maiestie, and doctor Wot|ton deane of Canturburie and Yorke came to Bar|wike, appointed commissioners on hir said maiesties behalfe, to treat of an accord with the conte de Ran|don, and the bishop of Ualence, commissioners sent for that purpose from the French king, and his wife Marie queene of Scotland. [...] French [...] to their [...]. The fouretéenth of Iune being fridaie, a certeine number of Frenchmen came foorth of Leith to gather cockles on the sands towards Montpelham: which the Englishmen perceiuing, set vpon them, slue thréescore and ten, and tooke sixtéene of them prisoners.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 On sundaie the sixtéenth of Iune, the fore remem|bred commissioners came to Edenburgh:Sir William [...] and [...] Wotton [...] to E| [...]urgh. and as master secretarie and doctor Wotton passed the English forts and campe, they were saluted with a gallant peale of the harquebusiers that shot off their harquebusies verie liuelie. Mondaie the seuentéenth of Iune about eight of the clocke, an abstinence of warre was concluded, warning being giuen by the discharging of two péeces of the great artillerie out of the castell; and then the Frenchmen shewed and aduanced themselues vpon their rampiers. Satur|daie the two and twentith of Iune, the abstinence was broken off, which till then had beene trulie kept and obserued. Thursdaie the fourth of Iulie, about thrée of the clocke in the after noone, the French came out of Leith, according to their accustomed maner to gather cockles. Whervpon the lord lieutenant be|ing at that present in Montpelham,Frenchmen [...] as they gathered [...]. sent a drum vn|to monsieur Doisell to signifie to him that his soldi|ours had gone further without their bounds than they might doo by the order taken by the commissio|ners of both parts. Doisell answered, that they were no souldiours, but poore people which went to gather cockles for their releefe and sustenance. The drum said, that if they kept not themselues within their ap|pointed limits, my lord lieutenant meant to send them backe not greatlie to their ease: wherevnto Doisell replied, that if he so did, he would doo the best he could to aid them. Herevpon the English horsse|men and footmen out of Montpelham gaue a charge vpon them, and slue of them to the number of fiftie, and tooke certeine of the residue prisoners. Fridaie the sixt of Iune, about six of the clocke in the after|noone, issued out of Leith fouretéene horssemen, and an hundred footmen, which offered the skirmish: but vpon the shooting off the great artillerie from Montpelham, they retired home againe into the towne.

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