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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Mondaie the nine and twentith of Aprill, the pée|ces of the great artillerie were occupied in shooting off verie hotlie,A skirmish. and the French likewise shot off theirs, and comming foorth of the towne skirmished with the Englishmen. This night the pioners made new trenches toward the south bulworke. Tuesdaie the last of Aprill was spent in shooting off the great artillerie into the towne.A fire in [...], and augmented with shot of ordinance and [...] wea|ther. About fiue of the clocke in the after noone, a sudden fire was raised within the towne, which hugelie increased and continued the most part of that night. At the beginning when it first appeered, the English ordinance was shot off to the place where the fire was, which shot togither with helpe of the wind, and being verie great at that pre|sent, did maruellouslie augment the same fire: yet neuerthelesse the French at that present time offered a skirmish, and continued the same néere hand for the space of two houres, manned their walles, and made the best prouision they might for doubt of some assault. It was indéed appointed, that certeine bands should make an alarum to the towne:Capteine Uaughan. in so much that capteine Uaughan with diuerse of the sol|diors of Montpelham entred the ditch, and approch|ing the walles, discouered the height of them. And notwithstanding that the French did what they could to annoie them in the diches with currier shot, yet did capteine Uaughan staie in the ditch a pretie while, and retired with his men without receiuing anie great hurt.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 Wednesdaie the first of Maie,Maie poles set vp in Leith on Maie daie. the Frenchmen set vp verie earlie in the morning their Maie poles in certeine bulworks, and fouretéene ensignes: the which being discouered of them in the campe, they sa|luted them with a peale of great ordinance, and like|wise the Frenchmen answered them againe, and so continued the most part of that daie.A trench woon from the French. The same daie Iohn Brian lieutenant to capteine Capell, wan a trench frõ the French at the west side of the towne, and in despite of them kept it all that daie with the losse onelie of one man. Thursdaie the second of Maie, the pioners made the trenches for the artille|rie to be planted in batterie. The night following they remooued and placed the same artillerie in the new trench: and the next morning being fridaie and the third of Maie, about foure of the clocke, the same batterie went off, and continued all that daie. In the after noone of the same daie certeine Frenchmen is|sued out of the west bulworke, and skirmishing with the Englishmen on that side the water, returned without anie great hurt.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The night insuing the pioners made a new trench by the citadell wherein they might lodge some shot, and capteine Uaughan with diuerse of the bands in Montpelham gaue two false assaults to the towne, entred the ditches, and viewed the flankers: where|vpon the French shot off the same flankers,Capteine Uaughan vieweth the enimies flan|kers. and manning their walles, shot off two or thrée volees of their small artillerie, slaieng and hurting to the num|ber of twentie of the Englishmen. Among other, little Norton lost his life that night, and so at length the residue returned. Saturdaie the fourth of Maie, there were thrée ensigns appointed to gard the new trenches, and towards night, when the ward should be reléeued, and the watch set, the Frenchmen that were in the trench vnder the citadell, made a sallie vpon the sudden. Wherevpon the Englishmen that garded the said trench were constreined to abandon a great part thereof for a time:The French repelled by the English. but yet the English|men eftsoons taking courage, laid to them afresh, repelled them againe, & draue them backe into their owne trenches, slue foure of them in sight, and hurt manie others. This was the lot of warre to be o|uerthrowne by force of the enimie, as the poet saith:

Qui Martem experti, per vim subiguntur ab hoste.

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