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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The same night the lord lieutenant caused nine peeces of the great ordinance to be planted in the new trench:More ordi|nance plan|ted. so that the next daie being mondaie, the same péeces were shot off verie earlie, directlie towards the stéeple of saint Anthonies church. And although those peeces laie a quarter of a mile off, the peeces of ordinance that laie in the same st [...]eple were dismounted by them, and likewise those that laie in the stéeple of saint Nicholas church,The enimies ordinance displaced at the which diuerse peeces were leuied, and within six or se|uen tire the péeces that laie in that stéeple were also displaced, and a gunner slaine that stood at one of them, the péece and the gunner comming tumbling downe both togither. In this church (as was repor|ted) their store of vittels and munition was laid, so that batterie was made against the same all that daie, and a great peece of the church wall beaten downe, and the stéeple defaced. The bishop of Ua|lence, after he had talked with the quéene Dowager, returned to commune with the lords of the congre|gation.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Tuesdaie the thrée and twentith of Aprill,A sort raise [...]. being saint Georges daie, the pioners Scotish and Eng|lish were busilie applied in worke, about the casting of trenches to make a fort; and still the artillerie went off against the towne.A skirmish Wednesdaie the foure and twentith of Aprill about three of the clocke in the after noone, there issued out of Leith seauentéene horssemen, who offered the skirmish: and vnder the place called little London, where they were busie in fortifieng all that daie, thrée or foure hundred of their shot were placed readie to breake out, if occasion ser|ued. At length certeine of the English lances gaue a charge vpon their horssemen, who therewith reti|ring, drew the Englishmen within danger of their shot. But although the Frenchmen that daie shewed themselues verie valiant in skirmishing euen in the face of the English artillerie: yet being now egerlie pursued by those lances,The French repelled they were forced to retire without anie great hurt doone to the Englishmen, although the skirmish continued néere hand two houres. In this last charge yoong maister Browne was hurt.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Thursdaie the fiue and twentith of Aprill,The new [...] called Mont|pelham. the pio|ners laboured sore for the most part of the daie in fi|nishing the new fort named Montpelham: to the gard whereof capteine Uaughan was appointed go|uernor, with twelue hundred soldiors. This fort was raised on the south side of the towne, the plot whereof was cast square, with foure bulworks at euerie cor|ner, and tw [...]e battering peeces planted in places conuenient within the same. This thursdaie also,Another skirmish. a|bout fiue of the clocke in the after noone, there issued out of Leith on the east side seauentie or eightie horssemen, and two hundred harquebusiers, offering the skirmish, towards whome certeine of the Eng|lish light horssemen roundlie made, and charging them, droue them backe to their footmen, who with their shot receiued the light horssemen so sharplie, that they were forced to retire. In which retire Iames Hamilton a Scotishman was taken priso|ner,Iames Ha|milton taken prisoner for the rescue of whome the horssemen made for|ward againe: but the enimies shot was so hot, that they were not able to recouer him; but yet they slue two of the French horssemen in sight.

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