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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The lord Claud Hamilton fourth sonne vnto the duke of Chateau le rault, Robert Douglas halfe brother to the lord Iames Steward, Archebald Campbell lord of Loughennell, George Gream second sonne to the earle of Monteith. Iames Co|ningham sonne to the earle of Glencarne: they were brought vp to salt Preston, and remained there that night. Saturdaie the sixt of Aprill, being Palmesundaie euen, the campe raised from salt Preston, and marched forwards.A crag called Arthurs s [...]at. Halfe a mile from Lesterike, beneath a crag, called Arthurs seat, the duke of Chateau le rault, the earle of Arraine, the earle of Argile, the lord Iames prior of saint An|drews, and the rest of the noble men of Scotland, accompanied with two hundred horssemen, or there|abouts, and fiue hundred footmen, staied for the com|ming of the English armie. Wherevpon the lord Greie, sir Iames Croft, the lord Scroope, sir George Howard, and sir Henrie Persie, repaired to them,Conference betwéene the English and Scotish. and had conference there with the duke, and other of the Scotish lords that were in his companie. In the meane while the armie staied: but yet at length, the EEBO page image 1188 horssemen, the vantgard and battell, were com|manded to march foorth, who accordinglie passing forward alongst by the place where the duke & Sco|tish lords stood, held vpon their waie, till they ap|proched néere to Lesterike.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 At their comming thither, Trombull, the queene regents trumpet, came to my lord lieutenant, and brought with him a safe conduct, giuen vnder hir hand & seale, for the safe repaire of sir Iames Croft, sir George Howard and six others to accompanie them. Wherevpon they preparing themselues to go to hir (after they had talked with my lord lieute|nant,Sir Iames Cro [...]t, and sir George Ho|ward, went to talke with the [...]. and the duke Chateau le reault) they departed towards Edenburgh, where the said queene as then laie within the castell. There went with them mai|ster Summerset, maister Pelham, and foure other gentlemen. Whilest they were in conference with the quéene, although an abstinence of all hostilitie by appointment taken betwixt my lord Greie and the said quéene ought to haue ceassed, the French|men to the number of nine hundred, or a thousand shot, backed with fiue hundred corselets and pikes, & about fiftie horssemen, were come foorth of Leith, vnder the conduction of monsieur Doisell, and the counte Martigues, coronell of the French footmen. My lord Greie vnderstanding thereof, came vp to the hill, appointed an officer at armes called Rouge Crosse,My lord Greis mes|sage sent to the French|men. to go vnto them; with commandement from him, that they should retire their forces forth of the field into the towne of Leith: for if it were not for the promise which he had made to the quéene Dowa|ger, he would cause them to depart, not much to their ease.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The herald dooing his message, receiued answer, that they were vpon their maister and mistresse ground, and therefore meant not to remooue from it. Rouge Crosse returning with this answer, was sent againe from my lord lieutenant, to command them eftsoons to go their way backe to Leith: for if they did not, he would suerlie send them awaie with a mischiefe. But scarse had the herald doone this se|cond message, when the Frenchmen stepping foorth, discharged a whole volee of their shot into the field against my lord Greie and his companie. Here|vpon, the Englishmen and they fell in skirmish, which continued for the space of foure houres and more,A sharpe and [...]long skir|mish betwéene [...]oth parts. The French|men repelled by the Eng|lishmen. so hot & earnestlie mainteined on both parts, that the like had not lightlie beene séene manie a day before. Yet at length, the Englishmen droue the French footmen ouer the hill, wan the crag from them, and put them from a chappell, where they had stood a great while, vsing it for a couert and safegard for them against the Englishmens shot.

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