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The three propositions wherevpon conference was determined to haue beene at Westminster.

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  • 1 _IT is against the word of GOD, and the custome of the ancient church, to vse a toong vnknowne to the people, in common praier, and the administration of the sacraments.
  • 2 Euerie church hath authoritie to ap|point, take awaie, and change ceremonies and ecclesiasticall rites: so the same bee to edification.
  • 3 It cannot be prooued by the word of God, that there is in the masse offered vp a sacrifice propitiatorie for the quicke and the dead.

The names of such as had conference in the propositions aforesaid.

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  • The B. of Winchester.
  • The bishop of Lichfield.
  • The bishop of Chester.
  • The bishop of Caerleill.
  • The bishop of Lincolne.
  • Doctor Cole.
  • Doctor Harpesfield.
  • Doctor Langdall.
  • Doctor Chedseie.
  • D. Scorie B. of Chiche.
  • Doctor Cox.
  • Maister Whitehed.
  • Maister Grindall.
  • Maister Horne.
  • Maister doctor Sands.
  • Maister Gest.
  • Maister Elmer.
  • Maister Iewell.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 The bishops and doctors sat on the one side of the quéere at a table for them prepared, & the other lear|ned men sat at another table on the other side of the same queere. And at the vpper end thereof at an o|ther table sat the quéenes maiesties councell, desi| [...]ous to haue séene some good conclusion of the said conference, although (as ye may perceiue by that which is aboue recited) it came to small effect. In this meane time, a treatie of peace, which had béene in hand the last yeare, first at Lisle, and after at the ab|beie of Cercampe, a thrée leagues from Dorlens,A treatie for peace betwixt the kings of Spaine and France. be|twixt the two kings of Spaine and France, was now renewed againe, and the deputies were appoin|ted to meet at Chasteau Cambresi, a six leagues distant from Cambraie. For the king of Spaine, the duke of Alua, the prince of Orange, the bishop of Arras, Rigomes de Silua earle of Mellito, monsieur Ui|glius Zwichem, knight and president of the priuie councell in the low countries, who neuerthelesse came not, bicause he was letted by sicknesse. For the French king there came the cardinall of Loraine the conestable, the marshall of saint Andrew,The deputie [...] or commissio|ners appoin|ted for the princes. the bi|shop of Orleans, and Claude de Aubespine, the said kings secretarie. For the queene of England, the bi|shop of Elie, the lord William Howard baron of Effingham lord chamberleine to the said quéene, doctor Nicholas Wootton deane of Canturburie and Yorke.

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