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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 How manie nosegaies did hir grace receiue at poore womens hands? How oftentimes staid she hir chariot, when she saw anie simple bodie offer to speake to hir grace? A branch of rosemarie giuen hir grace with a supplication by a poore woman about Fleetbridge, was séene in hir chariot till hir grace came to Westminster, not without the maruellous woondering of such as knew the presenter, and no|ted the quéens most gratious receiuing and keeping the same. What hope the poore and néedie maie looke for at hir graces hand, she as in all hir iournie conti|nuallie, so in hir hearkening to the poore children of Christs hospitall Where hir mind then was no dou [...] in heauen vpon God. with eies cast vp into heauen, did fullie declare: as that neither the wealthier estate could stand without consideration had to the pouer|tie, neither the pouertie be dulie considered, vnlesse they were remembred, as commended vnto vs by Gods owne mouth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 As at hir first entrance she as it were declared hir selfe prepared to passe through a citie that most intierlie loued hir: so she at hir last departing as it were bound hir selfe by promise, to continue good ladie and gouernor vnto that citie, which by outward declaration did open their loue vnto their so louing and noble prince, in such wise, as she hir selfe woon|dered thereat.The quéens maiestie is [...] forgetfull to glorifie God who glorified hir. But because princes be set in their seat by Gods appointing, and therefore they must first and chieflie tender the glorie of him, from whom their glorie issueth: it is to be noted in hir grace, that for somuch as God hath so woonderfullie placed hir in the seat of gouernement ouer this realme, she in all hir dooings do [...]th shew hir selfe most mindfull of his goodnesse & mercie shewed vnto hir. And among all other, two principall signes thereof were noted in this passage. First in the tower, where hir grace before she entred hir chariot, lifted vp hir eies to heauen, and said as followeth.

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23.1. The praier of queene Elisabeth as she went to hir coronation.

The praier of queene Elisabeth as she went to hir coronation.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _O Lord almightie and euerlasting God, I giue thee most hartie thanks, that thou hast beene so mercifull vnto me, as to spare me to behold this ioifull daie. And I acknow|ledge that thou hast delt as woonderfullie and as mercifullie with me, as thou did|dest with thy true and faithfull seruant Daniell thy prophet; whome thou deliue|redst out of the den from the crueltie of the greedie and raging lions: euen so was I ouerwhelmed, and onlie by thee deliuered. To thee therefore onlie be thankes, honor, and praise, for euer: Amen.

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