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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 This part of the pageant was thus appointed an [...] furnished.How the pa|geant was appointed and furnished The two sides ouer the two side ports had in them placed a noise of instruments, which imme|diatlie after the childs spéech, gaue an heauenlie me|lodie. Upon the top or vppermost part of the said pa|geant, stood the armes of England, roiallie purtrai|tured with the proper beasts to vphold the same. One representing the quéenes highnesse sat in this seat crowned with an imperiall crowne, and before hir seat was a conuenient place appointed for one child, which did interpret and applie the said pageant, as hereafter shall be declared. Euerie void place was furnished with proper sentences, commending the seat supported by vertues, and defacing the vi|ces, to the vtter extirpation of rebellion, and to euer|lasting continuance of quietnesse and peace. The queenes maiestie approching nigh vnto this pageant thus beautified and furnished in all points,The quéene draweth néere the pagent to heare the childs ora|tion. caused hir charriot to be drawne nigh therevnto, that hir grace might heare the childs short oration, which was this:

While that religion true,
shall ignorance suppresse,
And with hir weightie foot,
breake superstitions head:
While loue of subiects shall
rebellion distresse,
And with zeale to the prince,
insolencie downe tread.
While iustice flattering toongs,
and briberie can deface,
While follie and vaine glorie,
to wisedome yeeld their hands:
So long shall gouernement
not swarue from hir right race,
But wrong decaieth still,
and rightwisenesse vp stands.
Now all thy subiects hearts,
ô prince of peerelesse fame
Do trust these vertues shall
mainteine vp thy throne:
And vice be kept downe still,
the wicked put to shame,
That good with good may ioy,
and naught with naught may mone.
Which verses were painted vpon the right side of the same pageant, and the Latine thereof on the left side EEBO page image 1175 in another table, which were these héere following:
The same verses in La|tins painted on a table. Quae subnixa altè folio regina superbo est,
Effigiem sanctae principis alma refert,
Quam ciuilis amor fulcit, sapientia firmat,
Iustitia illustrat, relligióque beat,
Vana superstitio & crassa ignorantia frontis
Pressae sub pura relligione iacent.
Regis amor domat effraenos animósque rebelles,
Iustus adulantes doniuorósque terret.
Cùm regit imperium sapiens, sine luce sedebunt
Stultitia, atque huius numen inanis honor.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Beside these verses, there were placed in euerie void roome of the pagent, both in English & Latine, such sentences as aduanced the seat of gouernance vpholden by vertue.The ground or morall of the pageant. The ground of this pageant was, that like as by vertues (which doo abundantlie appeare in hir grace) the quéenes maiestie was esta|blished in the seat of gouernment: so she shuld sit fa [...]t in the same, so long as she imbrased vertue, and held vice vnder foot. For if vice once got vp the head, it would put the seat of gouernement in perill of fal|ling. The queenes maiestie when she had heard the child,The quéenes promise with thanks to the citie. and vnderstood the pageant at full, gaue the ci|tie also thanks therefore, & most gratiouslie promised hir good indeuor for the maintenance of the said ver|tues, and suppression of vices, and so marched on till she came against the great conduit in Cheape, which was beautified with pictures and sentences accor|dinglie, against hir graces comming thither. A|gainst Soper lane end was extended from the one side of the stréet to the other,A pageant at Soper lane end. a pageant which had three gates all open: ouer the middlemost whereof were erected thrée seuerall stages, whereon sat eight chil|dren, as hereafter followeth. On the vppermost one child, on the middle three, on the lowest foure, each ha|uing the proper name of the blessing that they did re|present, written in a table, & placed aboue their head.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the forefront of this pageant, before the chil|dren which did represent the blessings, was a conue|nient standing cast out for a child to stand, which did expound the said pageant vnto the quéenes maiestie, as was doone in the other before. Euerie of these chil|dren were appointed and apparelled, according vn|to the blessing which he did represent. And on the fore|part of the said pageant was written in faire letters the name of the foresaid pageant in this manner:

The eight beatitudes expressed in the fift chapter of the gospell of saint Matthew,The inscripti|on fixed or set vpon the front of the said pa|geant. applied to our souereigne ladie queene Elisabeth.

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