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Compare 1577 edition: 1 When the quéenes maiestie had heard the childs oration, and vnderstood the meaning of the pageant at large, she marched forward toward Cornehill, al|waie receiued with like reioising of the people. And there as hir grace passed by the conduit,The conduit [...] Cornehill [...]cked, and a noise of loud instruments [...]n the top of the same. which was curiouslie trimmed against that same time, with rich banners adorned, and a noise of lowd instruments vpon the top thereof, she spied the second pageant. And bicause she feared for the peoples noise, that she shuld not heare the child which did expound the same, she inquired what that pageant was yer that shé [...] came to it; and there vnderstood, that there was a child representing hir maiesties person, placed in a seat of gouernement, supported by certeine vertues which suppressed their contrarie vices vnder their feet, and so foorth, as in the description of the said pa|geant shall hereafter appeere.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This pageant standing in the nether end of Corn|hill, was extended from the one side of the stréet to the other.The deuise of the pageant in Cornehill. And in the same pageant was deuised thrée gates all open, and ouer the middle part thereof was erected one chaire or seate roiall, with a cloth of e|state to the same apperteining, wherein was placed a child representing the quéenes highnesse, with con|sideration had for place conuenient for a table, which conteined hir name and title: and in a comelie wreath artificiallie & well deuised, with perfect sight and vnderstanding to the people.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the front of the same pageant was written the name and title thereof, which is; The seat of worthie gouernance. Which seat was made in such artificiall maner, as to the appearance of the lookers on, the fore part seemed to haue no staie,Liuely work|manship and right com|mendable. & therefore of force was staied by liuelie personages, which personages were in number foure, standing and staieng the fore|front of the same seat roiall, each hauing his face to the quéene and people, whereof euerie one had a table to expresse their effects, which are vertues, namelie Pure religion, Loue of subiects, Wisedome and Iu|stice,A proper mo|rall. which did tread their contrarie vices vnder their feet, that is to wit; Pure religion did tread vp|on Superstition and Ignorance, Loue of subiects did tread vpon Rebellion and Insolencie, Wise|dome did tread vpon Follie and Uaine glorie, Iu|stice did tread vpon Adulation and Briberie. Ech of these personages according to their proper names and properties, had not onelie their names in plaine and perfect writing set vpon their breasts easilie to be read of all: but also euerie of them was aptlie an [...] properlie apparelled, so that his apparell and name did agree to expresse the same person, that in title he represented.

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