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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The thirtéenth of December being tuesdaie,Quéene Ma|rie buried. the corps of quéene Marie was right honorablie con|ueied from hir manor of S. Iames, vnto the abbeie of Westminster. Hir picture was laid on the coffin, apparelled in hir roiall robes, with a crowne of gold set on the head thereof, after a solemne manner. In the abbeie was a rich and sumptuous hearse prepa|red and set vp with wax, and richlie decked with pe|no [...]s, baners, and scutchions, of the armes of Eng|land and France, vnder which hearse the corpse rested all that night, and the next daie it was brought into the new chappell, where king Henrie the seuenth li|eth, and was interred there in the chappell on the north side.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The foure and twentith of December,An obsequie kept for the emperour. being the euen of the natiuitie of our Lord, was a solemne ob|sequie kept in the abbeie church of Westminster, for Charles the seuenth late emperour, who departed this life in September last, the one and twentith of the same moneth, in the monasterie of S. Iustus in Castile, being then of age about eight and fiftie yeares, hauing gouerned the empire before he re|nounced the same a six and thirtie yeares; and his kingdoms of Castile, Arragon, Naples, Sicill, and others, aboue fortie yeares.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer in this yeare 1558 there died two of the said emperors sisters,The deceasse of the queene of France. that went with him into Spaine, after he had resigned the empire, to wit, queene Leonor, first maried vnto Emanuell king of Portugall, and after his deceasse vnto the French king Francis the first of that name: she deceassed in Februarie last past. His other sister Marie, quéene of Hungarie, late regent of the low countries,The deceasse of the quéene of Hungarie. de|ceassed on saint Lukes daie, the eightéenth of Octo|ber last past. And so the one preuenting him, the other EEBO page image 1172 taried not long after him, in so much that king Phi|lip did celebrate the exequies in the towne of Brus|sels, of his father the emperour, of his aunt Marie queene of Hungarie, and of his wife Marie quéene of England, in this present moneth of December subsequentlie, after the most pompous and solemne manner.

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