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Compare 1577 edition: 1 On wednesdaie the three and twentith of Nouem|ber, the quéenes maiestie remooued from Hatfield,The quéenes remouing frõ Hatfield. vnto the Charter house in London, where she lodged in the lord Norths house: in which remoouing, and comming thus to the citie, it might well appeare how comfortable hir presence was to them that went to receiue hir on the waie, and likewise to the great multitudes of people that came abroad to sée hir grace, shewing their reioising harts in countenance and words, with hartie praiers for hir maiesties prosperous estate and preseruation: which no doubt were acceptable to God, as by the sequele of things it may certenlie be belieued, sith his diuine maiestie hath so directed hir dooings, that if euer the common|wealth of this land hath flourished, it may rightlie be said,The flourish|ing estate of this land vn|der quéene E|lisabeth. that in hir most happie reigne it hath béene most flourishing, in peace, quietnesse, and due administra|tion of iustice, mixed with mercifull clemencie, so as those which cannot content themselues with the pre|sent EEBO page image 1171 state of things vnder hir rule, no doubt they are such factious creatures, as will not rest satisfied with anie kind of gouernement, be it neuer so iust and commendable. From the which sort of men the Lord deliuer hir roiall maiestie, and all hir true and louing subiects, and preserue hir in long life to all our com|forts, and continue hir in such happie procéedings as she hath begun, to the end.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 On mondaie the eight and twentith of Nouem|ber, about two of the clocke in the afternoone, hir grace remooued againe, and taking hir chariot, rode from my lord Norths house alongst Barbican,Hir grace re|moueth to the tower. and entring by Criplegate into the citie, kept along the wall to Bishops gate, and so by blanch Chapelton vnto Marke lane. At hir entring into blanch Cha|pleton, the artillerie in the tower began to go off, con|tinuallie shooting for the space almost of halfe an houre, but yet had made an end before hir maiestie was aduanced to Berkin church, and so with great ioie and prease of people, of whom all the streets were full as she passed, declaring their inward reioisings by gesture, words, and countenance, she entered the tower, where she continued till the fift of December being mondaie,Hir remouing to Summer|set house. on the which daie, she remooued by water vnto Summerset place in the Strond, where she arriued about ten of the clocke in the forenoone the same daie.

Abr. Fl. ex ma|nuscripto Hen. Tennant. The death of sir Thomas Cheinie lord Warden of the cinque ports.¶On thursdaie betwéene two and thrée in the mor|ning the eight of December 1558 in the first yeare of our souereigne ladie quéene Elisabeths reigne di|ed in the tower of London, that honorable man sir Thomas Cheineie knight of the order, treasuror of hir maiesties most honorable houshold, warden of the cinque ports, & of hir highnesse priuie councell, whose pulses (by the report of his surgeon) laboured more than thrée quarters of an houre after his death, so stronglie as though life had not béene absent from the bodie. By the report also of the same surgeon, he had the swéetest face of death to behold for one of his yeares that euer he saw, and died so quietlie and pa|tientlie, that neither his face, mouth, eies, hands, or féet were vncomelie vsed in the changing of this his life.

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