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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Of such learned men as had written and did liue in the reigne of quéene Marie there were manie,Learned men in quéene Maries reigne. of whome no small number ended their liues also du|ring that short time of hir reigne, some by fire, and o|thers in exile, Iohn Rogers borne in Lancashire, wrote diuerse treatises, translated the bible into English with notes, and published the same vnder the name of Thomas Matthew, he suffred in Smith|field the fourth of Februarie, in the yeare 1555. Ni|cholas Ridleie bishop first of Rochester, and after of London, suffered at Oxford in the said yeare 1555. Hugh Latimer borne in Leicestershire, sometime bishop of Worcester, a notable preacher, and a most reuerend father, suffered at the same place, and in the same daie and yeare with bishop Ridleie. Iohn Hooper borne in Summersetshire, bishop first of Glocester, and after of Worcester, suffered at Gloce|ster in the yeare of our Lord 1555. Iohn Bradford, borne in Manchester, a notable towne in Lanca|shire, a sober, mild, and discréet learned man, suffered at London the first of Iulie in the said yeare 1555.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Stephan Gardiner bishop of Winchester borne in the towne of saint Edmundsburie in Suffolke, of king Henrie the eights councell, and in king Ed|wards daies committed to ward within the tower, released by quéene Marie, made lord chancellor, and so died a stout champion in defense of the popes doc|trine, and a great enimie to the professours of the gospell. Iohn Philpot borne in Hamshire, sonne to sir Peter Philpot knight, was archdeacon of Win|chester, ended his life by fire in the yeare aforesaid 1555, the 18 of December, going then on the foure & fortith yeare of his age. Thomas Cranmer borne in Notinghamshire, archbishop of Canturburie, a worthie prelat, in sundrie vertues right commen|dable, suffered at Oxford the one and twentith of March, one thousand, fiue hundred, fiftie and six. Ri|chard Morison knight, borne in Oxfordshire, wrote diuerse treatises, and deceassed at Strausburge the 17 of March 1556. Iohn Poinet borne in Kent, bi|shop of Rochester first, & after of Winchester, deceas|sed likewise at Strausburgh, about the tenth or elea|uenth of August, in the yeare of our Lord 1556.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Robert Record a doctor of physicke, and an excel|lent philosopher, in arithmetike, astrologie, cosmo|graphie, and geometrie most skilfull, he was borne in Wales, descended of a good familie, and finallie departed this life in the daies of quéene Marie. Bar|tholomew Traheron descended of a worshipfull house in the west parts of England, deane of Chiche|ster, departed this life in Germanie, where he liued in exile, about the latter end of quéen Maries reigne. Cutbert Tunstall, bishop first of London, and after of Durham, borne in Lancashire of a right worship|full familie, excellentlie learned, as by his workes it may appeare, doctor of both the lawes, departed this life in the yeare 1559. Richard Sampson bishop of Couentrie & Lichfield wrote certeine treatises, & de|parted this life 1555. Lucas Shepherd borne in Col|chester in Essex, an English poet. Iane Dudleie EEBO page image 1169 daughter vnto Henrie Greie duke of Suffolke, wrote diuerse things highlie to hir commendation, of whome yée haue heard more before héere in this historie; William Thomas a Welshman borne, of whome yée haue likewise heard how he suffered for treason, wrote the historie of Italie, and other things verie eloquentlie; Iames Brookes a doctor of diuini|tie, Iohn Standish a doctor likewise of the same pro|fession, great defenders of the popes doctrine, as by their workes appeareth; William Perine a blacke frier by profession, and a doctor also of diuinitie, wrote in defense of the masse, and preached sermons which were printed of like stuffe; Iohn Baret borne in Lin, a doctor of diuinitie, and sometime a Car|melit frier, but reuolting from the popes religion, he became an earnest setter foorth of the gospell, but eftsoones he fell off, and returned to his former opini|ons now in the daies of quéene Marie; Henrie lord Stafford, sonne to Edward duke of Buckingham, amongst other things which he wrote, he translated a booke out of Latine into English, intituled Vtrius|que potestatis differentia, that is, The difference betwixt the two powers, which booke (as some thinke) was first compiled and set foorth by Edward Fox bishop of Hereford; Iohn Hopkins translated diuerse psalmes of the psalter into English méeter, which are to be found amongst those appointed to be sung in the churches of England.

Thus farre the troublesome reigne of Queene Marie the first of that name (God grant she may be the last of hir religion) eldest daughter to king Henrie the eight.

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