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Then the king departed and his companie, and Robin hood and his men them conducted; and as they EEBO page image 837 were returning,A shew of two ladies in a rich chariot drawne with fiue horsses. there met with them two ladies in a rich chariot drawen with fiue horsses, and euery horsse had his name on his head, and on euerie horsse sat a ladie with hir name written. On the first courser called Caude, sat Humidite, or Humide. On the se|cond courser called Mem [...]on road ladie Uer. On the third called Pheton sat ladie Uegetiue. On the fourth called Rimphon sat ladie Pleasant. On the fift called Lampace sat sweet Odour. And in the chaire sat la|die Maie, accompanied with ladie Flora, richlie appa|relled, and they saluted the king with diuerse goodlie songs, and so brought him to Gréenewich. At this maieng was a great number of people to behold it to their great solace and comfort.

The same after noone, the king, the duke of Suf|folke, the marquesse Dorset, and the earle of Essex, their bardes and bases of gréene veluet and cloth of gold, came into the field on great coursers, on whome waited diuerse gentlemen in silke of the same co|lour. On the other side entered sixtéene lords and gentlemen, all apparelled richlie after their deuises, and so valiantlie they ran their courses appointed: & after that, they ran volant one as fast as he might ouertake another,The king and certeine no|bles ran their horsses vo|lant. which was a goodlie sight to sée: and when all was doone they departed, and went to a goodlie banket. This summer the king tooke his pro|gresse westward, and visited his townes and castels there, and heard the complaints of his poore commu|naltie; and euer as he road he hunted and liberallie departed with venison.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare in September, the king being at his manour of Oking, after his returne from his pro|gresse which he made that yeare into the west parts, the archbishop of Yorke came thither to him. Whi|lest he soiourned there,The archbi|shop of Yorke elected cardi|nall. a letter was brought to the said archbishop from Rome, aduertising him that he was elected cardinall, which letter incontinentlie he shewed to the king, disabling himselfe in words, though his intent was otherwise; and so the king did incourage him, and willed him to take that dignitie vpon him, and called him from thensefoorth my lord cardinall. But his hat, bull, nor other ceremonies were not yet come.A parlement at Westmin|ster. In Nouember, the king assem|bled his high court of parlement at Westminster, wherein, diuerse acts made in the sixt yeare were re|formed and altered, and especiallie the act of apparell, and the act of labourers, as by the booke of statutes more plainelie appéereth.

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