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In this yeare was finished the goodlie hospitall of the Sauoie néere vnto Charing crosse, Smart. Hospitall of the Sauoie. which was a notable foundation for the poore, doone by king Henrie the seauenth, vnto the which he purchased and gaue lands for the releeuing of one hundred poore peo|ple. This was first named Sauoie place, by Peter earle of Sauoie, Rec. of Can|turb. church. father to Boniface archbishop of Canturburie, about the nine and twentith yeare of king Henrie the third, who made the said Peter erle of Richmond. This house belonged since to the duke of Lancaster, and at this time was conuerted to an hospitall, still reteining the first name of Sauoie. King Henrie also builded three houses of Francis|cane friers, which are called obseruants, at Rich|mond, Gréenewich, and Newarke; and three other of the familie of Franciscane friers which are called conuentuals, at Canturburie, Newcastell, and Southhampton.]

Fr. Thin. Thomas Ru|thall bishop of Durham.¶This yeare was Thomas Ruthall made bishop of Durham by Henrie the seauenth, touching whose place of birth (being at Cirencester now Cicester) and himselfe, I will not refuse to set downe what Leland (about the yeare 1542) hath written, not be|ing vnfit héere to be recorded.The [...] of Ci [...]ster. Cirencester (saith he) in Latine called Corinium standeth on the riuer Churne.

There haue beene thrée parish churches, whereof saint Cicilies church is cleane downe, being of late but a chappell. Saint Laurence yet standeth, but it is no parish church. There be two poore almes women endued with land. There is now but one parish church in all Cirencester that is verie faire, the bodie of which church is all new worke, to the which Ruthall bishop of Durham [...]borne and brought vp in Ciren|cester) promised much, but (preuented by death) gaue nothing. One Anne Aueling aunt to doctor Ruthall by the mothers side, gaue one hundred markes to the building of that church. King Henrie the first made the hospitall of saint Iohns at Cirencester.
Thus farre Leland.

This man thus borne at Cirencester in Gloce|stershire, and made bishop of Durham,The bishop was one of K. Henrie the rights priuie councell. was after the death of king Henrie the seauenth, one of the pri|uie councell to king Henrie the eight, in whose court he was so continuallie attendant, that he could not steale anie time to attend the affaires of his bishop|rike. But yet not altogither carelesse (though not so much as he ought to haue béene) of the place and cause from whence and for which he receiued so great reuenues, as came vnto his hands from that see. He repaired the third part of Tine bridge next vnto the south, which he might well doo; for he was accompted the richest subiect through the realme.The king cõ|mandeth hi [...] to write a booke of the whole estate of ye kingdo [...]. To whome (re|maining then at the court) the king gaue in charge to write a booke of the whole estate of the kingdome, bicause he was knowne to the king to be a man of sufficiencie for the discharge thereof, which he did ac|cordinglie.

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