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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Perkin Warbecke (as before ye haue heard) be|ing now in hold,Perkin cor|rupted his keepers. by false persuasions and great pro|mises corrupted his kéepers, Stranguish, Blewet, Astwood, and long Roger, seruants to sir Iohn Dig|bie lieutenant of the Tower. Insomuch that they (as it was at their arreignment openlie prooued) inten|ded to haue slaine their maister, and to haue set Per|kin and the earle of Warwike at large. Which earle of Warwike had beene kept in prison within the Tower almost from his tender yeares, that is to saie, from the first yeare of the king, to this fiftéenth yeare, out of all companie of men & sight of beasts, insomuch that he could not discerne a goose from a capon,Edward Plantagenet earle of War|wike a verie innocent. and therefore by common reason and open ap|parance could not of himselfe séeke his owne death and destruction. But yet by the drift and offense of an other he was brought to his death and confusion.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 For being made priuie of this enterprise deuised by Perkin and his complices, therevnto (as all na|turall creatures loue libertie) he assented and agreed. But this craftie deuise and subtill imagination be|ing reuealed, sorted to none effect, so that Perkin and Iohn Awater sometime maior of Corke in Ireland, one of his chéefe founders, and his sonne, were on the sixtéenth daie of Nouember arreigned and condem|ned at Westminster.Perkin and Iohn Awa|ter executed at Tiburne. And on the thrée and twentith daie of the same moneth, Perkin and Iohn Awater were drawne to Tiburne, where Perkin standing on a little scaffold, read his confession (as before he had doone in Cheape side) taking it on his death to be true. And so he and Iohn Awater asked the king for|giuenesse, and died patientlie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This was the reward of the feined glose and coun|terfeit comment of Perkin Warbecke, the which as by his false surmises in his life time had brought manie honourable personages to their deaths, and vndoone manie an honest man: so now at his death he brought other of the same sort to their not altogi|ther vndeserued punishment. And amongest others Edward Plantagenet the forenamed erle of War|wike, which (as the fame went) consented to breake prison, and to depart out of the realme with Perkin (which in prisoners is high treason) was the one and twentith daie of the said moneth arreigned at West|minster before the earle of Oxenford then high ste|ward of England of the said treason, which (whether it were by intisement and persuasion of other, or of his owne frée will manie doubted, bicause of his in|nocencie) confessed the fact, and submitted himselfe to the kings mercie; and vpon his confession had his iudgement,Edward Plantagenet the yoong earlẽ of Warwike beheaded. and according thervnto the eight and twentith daie of Nouember in the yeare 1499, was brought to the scaffold on the Tower hill, and there beheaded.

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