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Compare 1577 edition: 1 At length came the maior with a number of men, defensiblie weaponed, to remooue the force; at whose approch those riotous persons fled awaie like a flocke of shéepe. But diuerse of them were apprehended, and vpon inquirie made before the kings commissioners, aboue foure score seruants & apprentises were found to be conspired togither, and sworne not to reueale it; of whome some of the chiefe beginners were com|mitted to the Tower, and there long continued. But in conclusion, bicause none of their maisters, nor a|nie one housholder was found culpable, the king of his clemencie pardoned their offense, and restored them to libertie. [For he thought it no credit to his crowne to take vengeance of such sillie soules by se|ueritie of death, whom in clemencie pardoning he might restore to a reformed life.]

Abr. Fl. ex I. S. pag. 867. Execution for seditious bils against the kings person.¶On the two & twentith of Februarie in this yéere were arreigned in the Guildhall of London foure persons, Thomas Bagnall, Iohn Scot, Iohn Heath, and Iohn Kenington, the which were sanctuarie men of saint Martins le grand in London, and latelie be|fore were taken out of the said sanctuarie, for forging of seditious bils, to the flander of the king, & some of his councell, for the which thrée of them were iudged to die; and the fourth named Bagnall, pleaded to be restored to sanctuarie: by reason whereof he was re|priued to the Tower till the next tearme: and on the six and twentith of Februarie, the other three with a Fleming, and a yeoman of the crowne, were all fiue executed at Tiborne. ¶On the eight and twentith of Aprill Ione Boughton widow was burnt in Smithfield, for holding certeine opinions of Iohn Wickliffe. Wheat was sold at London at six pence the bushell,Uittels [...]|tie sold good cheape. baie salt for thrée pence halfe penie the bushell, Nantwich salt was sold for six pence the bu|shell, white herings nine shillings the barrell, red he|rings at thrée shillings the cade, red sprots six pence the cade, & Gascoigne wine for six pounds the tim.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Shortlie after sir Robert Clifford, partlie trust|ing on the kings promise,1494 Anno Reg. 1. and partlie mistrusting the desperat begun enterprise, returned suddenlie a|gaine into England. The king certified before of his comming, went streight to the Tower of London the morow after the day of Epiphanie, & there taried till such time as sir Robert Clifford was there presen|ted to his person. This was doone for a policie,Policie of K. Henrie a|gainst Ro|bert Clifford. that if sir Robert accused anie of the nobilitie, they might be called thither without suspicion of anie euill, and their attached and laid fast. Some thought also, that for a policie king Henrie sent sir Robert Clifford o|uer as an espie, or else he would not so soone haue re|ceiued him into fauour againe. Neuerthelesse, there were great presumptions that it was nothing so, for both was he in great danger after his begun at|tempt, and neuer was so much estéemed with the king afterward as he was before.

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