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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This youths name was Peter Warbecke, one for his faintnesse of stomach of the Englishmen in de|rision called Perkin Warbecke,Perkin War|becke ye coun|terfeit duke of Yorke. according to the dutch phrase, which change the name of Peter to Per|kin, of yoonglings and little boies, which for want of age, lacke of strength, and manlike courage, are not thought worthie of the name of a man. This yoong man trauelling many countries, could speake Eng|lish and diuerse other languages; & for his basenesse of birth and stocke, was almost vnknowne of all men; and driuen to séeke liuing from his childhood, was constreined to go and trauell thorough manie countries. The duchesse glad to haue got so meet an organ for the conueieng of hir inuented purpose, as one not vnlike to be taken and reputed for the duke of Yorke, sonne to hir brother king Edward, which was called Richard, kept him a certeine space with hir priuilie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The readie wit of Per|kin to learne all that made for his prefer|ment to honor.Besides that, she with such diligence instructed him both in the secrets and common affaires of the realme of England, and of the linage, descent and order of the house of Yorke, that like a good scholer, not forgetting his lesson, he could tell all that was taught him promptlie without anie stackering or staie in his words. And besides that, he kept such a princelie countenance, and so counterfeit a maiestie roiall, that all men in manner did firmelie beléeue, that he was extracted of the noble house and familie of the dukes of Yorke. For suerlie, it was a gift giuen to that noble progenie, as of nature planted in the root,The emulatiõ of the dukes of Yorke. that all the sequels of that line and stocke did studie and deuise how to be equiualent in ho|nour and fame with their forefathers and noble pre|decessors.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 When the duches had framed hir cloath méet for the market, she was informed that king Henrie pre|pared to make warre against Charles the French king. Wherefore she, thinking that the time serued well for the setting foorth of hir malicious inuention, sent this Perkin hir new inuented mawmet, first into Portingale,Perkin War|becke arri|ueth in Ire|land. and so craftilie into the countrie of Ireland; to the intent that he, being both wittie and wilie, might inuegle the rude Irishmen (being at those daies more inclined to rebellion than to reaso|nable order) to a new seditious commotion. Shortlie after his arriuall in Ireland, whether by his shrewd wit, or the malicious exhortation of the sauage Irish gouernours, he entred so farre in credit with the peo|ple of that Ile, that his words were taken to be as true, as he vntruelie with false demonstrations set foorth and published them.

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