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The earle of Tendiglie capteine of the palace feasted the king and queene, and all the nobilitie at his owne costes and charges. So the king of Spaine there remained till the countrie was reduced into a good conformitie and order, and diuerse fortresses and castels were made for the safegard and tuition of the realme. And bicause this victorie obteined, was to the glorie of God, and to the publike wealth of all christianitie, the Namelie doc|tor Morton, of whom mentiõ is made in the b [...]ginning of this historie. said cardinall of Canturburie de|clared to the people, that the king had sent him and the other nobles thither that day, not onelie to noti|fie and declare to them the veritie of the fact; but also to exhort them to giue lands and praisings to almigh|tie God, for deliuering so goodlie a citie, so plentifull a countrie, and so notable a region out of the hands of his enimies, and persecutors of his faith and reli|gion. Which declaration ended, the archbishop with the cleargie & the nobles with the communaltie, in most deuout maner went in generall procession, rendering to God for this great atchiued enterprise, glorie, honour, and most reuerent thanks.]

¶In the moneth of Maie next and immediatlie fol|lowing this triumph, Abr. Fl. ex I. S. pag. [...]66. was holden a great and vali|ant iusting within the kings palace of Shine, now named Richmond, the which indured by the space of a moneth, sometime within the said palace, and some|time without, vpon the greene before the gate of the said palace. In which iustes sir Iames Parker knight,Sir Iames Parker by ca|sualtie at iu|stes mortallie wounded. running against a gentleman named Hugh Uanghan, by casualtie was so sore hurt and brused, that he died thereof. This yeare also two pardoners were set on the pillorie in Cornehill thrée market daies,Two pardo|n [...]es set on the pillorie. for forging of false pardons, wherewith they had deceiued the people, & got much monie. And for that one of them had feined himselfe to be a priest, hee was sent to Newgate, where he died: the other was driuen out of London with shame enough. ¶Also this yere was Robert Fabian shiriffe of London & alder|man,Robert Fa|bian. who made a chronicle of England & of France, beginning at the creation of the world, and ending in the third yeare of the reigne of king Henrie the eight, which booke is now imprinted to the end of Ri|chard the third.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Maximilian king of Romans, intending to be re|uenged on the Frenchmen for the manie iniuries doone to him of late (and especiallie for that king Charles had forsaken his daughter ladie Margaret, and purposed to take to wife the ladie Anne of Bri|taine) bicause he was not rich enough to mainteine the warre of himselfe, he sent his ambassadour, one Iames Contibald, a man of great wisedome, to re|quire the king of England to take his part against the French king, making diuers great offers on his owne behalfe, if it should please him so to doo.

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