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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Howbeit some affirme, that the lord Louell tooke his horsse, and would haue fled ouer Trent, but was not able to recouer the further side for the highnesse of the banke, and so was drowned in the riuer. There were killed at that battell, with their fiue capteins before rehersed,

The number of the slaine that were a|gainst the king.

Lambert and his maister Simond takẽ.

of that partie about foure thousand. Of the kings part there were not halfe of them which fought in the fore-ward, and gaue the onset slaine or hurt. Then was Lambert the yoongling, which was falslie reported to be the sonne of the duke of Cla|rence, and his maister sir Richard Simond priest both taken, but neither of them put to death; bicause that Lambert was but an innocent, and of yeares insufficient of himselfe to doo any such enterprise; and the other was pardoned of life, bicause he was a priest, and annointed man; but yet was committed to perpetuall prison.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Lambert was at length made one of the kings falconers, after that he had béene a turnebroch for a space in the kings kitchen. This battell was fought on a saturdaie being the sixtéenth daie of Iune, in this second yeere of his reigne. In this yéere died Thomas Bourchier archbishop of Canturburie: and Iohn Morton bishop of Elie,Morton bi|shop of Elie made archbi|shop of Can|turburie and chancellor of England. a man of excellent lear|ning, vertue and policie, succeeded in his place, whom Alexander pope of Rome, the sixt of that name, crea|ted a cardinall, and the king created him also chan|cellor of England. Of which pope (hauing so conue|nient a place to speake) it were a fault to omit the ambition, accompanied with other disorders vnbesée|ming a successor of Peter (but neither personallie nor locallie) as all the brood of them brag of them|selues, & will be intituled with a primasie, vsurped.

Abr. Fl. ex G [...]ic. pag 4, 5. Creation of pope Alexan|der the sixt, Otherwise called Rode|rike Borgia borne at Ue|nice.¶ This Alexander the sixt pope of that name, was sometime an ancient cardinall, and one of the grea|test in all the court of Rome. One meane that raised him to the seat of the pope, was the difference be|tweene the cardinals Ascanius Sforce, and Iulian S. Petriad Uincula: but the chiefest thing that ac|complished his election, was, that with a new exam|ple for that time, he bought by the consent and know|ledge of euerie one, partlie for monie, and partlie with promises of offices and great dignities, manie voices of the cardinals, who reiecting the instruction of the gospell,Corruption of Cardinals in the election of the pope. were not ashamed to passe to him by sale, an authoritie and power to make merchandize of the holie tresures, & that with the name of the cele|stiall authoritie in the most high part of the temple.

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