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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Wherefore they determined to vphold the enter|prise of the Irishmen, and other complices of this conspiracie: so that consulting with sir Thomas Broughton, and certeine other of his most trustie freends,An ill matter followed to the proofe. he purposed to saile into Flanders to his aunt the ladie Margaret duchesse of Burgognie, trusting by hir helpe to make a puissant armie, and to ioine with the companions of the new raised sedi|tion. Therefore after the dissolution of the parlement which then was holden, he fled secretlie into Flan|ders vnto the said ladie Margaret; where Francis lord Louell landed certeine daies before. Héere after long consultation had how to proceed in their busi|nesse, it was agreed, that the earle of Lincolne, and the lord Louell should go into Ireland; and there to attend vpon the duchesse hir counterfeit nephue, and to honor him as a king, and with the power of the I|rishmen to bring him into England.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Now they concluded, that if their dooings had suc|cesse, then the foresaid Lambert (misnamed the earle of Warwike) should by consent of the councell be deposed, and Edward the true earle of Warwike deliuered out of prison and annointed king. King Henrie supposing that no man would haue béene so mad as to haue attempted anie further enterprise in the name of that new found & counterfeit earle, he onelie studied how to subdue the seditious conspira|cie of the Irishmen.The earle of Lincolnes flight into Flanders doubted of king Henrie. But hearing that the earle of Lincolne was fled into Flanders, he was somwhat mooued therewith, and caused soldiors to be put in a readinesse out of euerie part of his realme, and to bring them into one place assigned, that when his ad|uersaries should appeare, he might suddenlie set vp|on them, vanquish and ouercome them.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The mar|ques Dorset committed to the Tower.Thus disposing things for his suertie, he went to|wards S. Edmunds burie, and being certified that the marquesse Dorset was comming towards his maiestie, to excuse himselfe of things that he was suspected to haue doone when he was in France, he sent the earle of Oxford to arrest the said marquesse by the waie, and to conueie him to the Tower of London, there to remaine till his truth might be tri|ed. From thence the K. went foorth to Norwich, and tarrieng there Christmasse daie, he departed after to Walsingham, where he offered to the image of our ladie, and then by Cambridge he shortlie returned to London. In which meane time, the earle of Lin|colne had gotten togither by the aid of the ladie Mar|garet about two thousand Almains,Martin Sward a va|liant capteine of ye Almains, assistant to the earle of Lin|colne. with one Mar|tine Sward, a valiant and noble capteine to lead them.

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